Ron Hutchcraft

CP Guest Contributor


  • Maui fires: A landscape of loss and one symbol of hope

    I know my days of life-altering loss certainly aren't unique to me. At some time or another, the fire comes for all of us.

  • Choose defiant hope for 2021

    Like the day when Laura learned her husband was suddenly arrested for sexual crimes with underage girls. Or the day Greg and Tammy were informed that their five-year-old daughter had terminal leukemia.

  • 4 prayers to find pandemic peace

    I've also learned to pray... "Lord, help me to do just one day at a time."

  • Is it reasonable to ask us not to be afraid?

    Without any time to think about it, only one word came to mind. "Vulnerable. We feel vulnerable." I think that's how many of us are feeling in a world that's "shaking."

  • Kobe's biggest game

    Many Kobe tributes have also referenced his darkest chapters. But it's the way Kobe Bryant lived his remaining years that, measured spiritually, may have been his "biggest game."

  • A different kind of Christian

    That's what I want to be. Because an awful lot of people don't really like the kind of Christian they're seeing. And that's a big deal. Because it's keeping them from Jesus.

  • Billy's Gone - Now What?

    We knew it was coming. With each passing birthday, we knew a spiritual giant of our lifetime would be in heaven soon. But what now?

  • God Sent a Moose

    If I was back in elementary school, and they asked me to write a composition on "My Summer," I'd have one word on the paper. Amazing.

  • What All Those Jesus Movies Miss

    The night "The Bible" showed the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus, social media lit up with shocked viewers saying, "I had no idea what Jesus went through!"

  • Fifty Shades of Dark

    A friend just told me it's the talk of the women in her office. Forty and 50-year-old women "giggling like schoolgirls." Dying to see it. To see a woman submitting to sexual violence in the name of "exploring her dark desires."