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3 'Best,' 3 'Worst' New TV Shows for Families in Fall Lineup: Parents Television Council

3 'Best,' 3 'Worst' New TV Shows for Families in Fall Lineup: Parents Television Council

"I Feel Bad"

Sarayu Blue stars in NBC's "I Feel Bad." | (Screenshot:

Premiering in September, the NBC comedy series is based on the book, I Feel Bad: All Day. Every Day. About Everything by Orli Auslander. PTC warns that parents should "definitely" avoid watching this show with young children when it airs on Thursday.

It focuses on a working mom who "can't manage" her children, whose husband is a "bumbling clod," and has a "fractious relationship with her parents."

At work, she is the only female employed at a video game design company. She is subjected to "jibes of her sex-crazed, socially inept millennial nerd co-workers."

"I Feel Bad reeks of Hollywood's hypocrisy," PTC Warns "Emet [the protagonist] criticizes her male co-workers for designing female characters with 'bowling ball boobs,' yet then deliberately invites them to sexually harass her by asking, 'Be honest: am I still do-able?'"

PTC argues that if such dialogue took place in real life, the employees could be fired. What's worse, PTC states, is that the first episode shows Emet's 10-year-old daughter "twerking" on a boy in her class, followed by the same boy lifting her up and "thrusting his crotch into hers."

PTC notes that the show "routinely" refers to "testicles" and "vaginas" and other inappropriate sexual behavior. One example is when Emet's husband fondles his mother-in-law's behind.

"And the show's producer vows that this is just the beginning, and that future episodes will 'explore issues never done on TV before," the PTC guide explains.

Samuel James graduated from Boyce College with a degree in theology and philosophy. He writes for Commonwealth Policy Center and am is a contributing writer for The Christian Post.


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