Adopted Child of Rape Victim Calls Pro-Lifers to Kill Apathy

For Ryan Bomberger, November’s National Adoption Month strikes close to home. His mother, a victim of rape in 1970, chose to give birth to him and give him up for adoption. He was adopted into a multi-racial family of 13 children, 10 of whom were also adopted. Today, he has four children of his own, and two of them were adopted.

Bomberger was at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to speak about the importance of life in a talk titled “Adoption: Be The Hope.” He highlighted ways his pro-adoption organization, The Radiance Foundation, changes stereotypes about adoption and highlights the detrimental effects of abortion on the black community.

He and his wife, Bethany, founded The Radiance Foundation two years ago. “We believe this crazy notion we are all born with individual, irreplaceable, and undeniable purpose,” he said to those in the audience. “Because of that we want to take on the human rights issue of our day.”

To take on the issue, the organization uses three core components to share its message. One of these components is the website Bomberger said he began looking at what demographic was most affected by abortion, and by far it was the black community. Nearly 40 percent of all pregnancies in the African-American community end in abortion.’s most recent campaign is a three-part video series created for the National Black Pro-Life Organization to combat “media spin from Planned Parenthood,” Bomberger said. The series, “Numbers Don’t Lie,” highlights how abortions in the black community outnumber all other causes of death combined.

The last video in the series, called “We’ve Been Guttmacher’d,” was released this month. It’s a short music video, sung by a woman called “Haddie Nuff” and in the style of old school R&B music. Some of the lyrics go like this, “You’re all about eugenics, lying about abortion clinics. You lied, (cue horn section) 15 million died.”

The website says: “Anytime journalists feel the need to reinforce unexamined Planned Parenthood statements, they pull the Guttmacher card. The Guttmacher Institute, founded by former Planned Parenthood President and former Vice President of the American Eugenics Society, Alan F. Guttmacher, is continually lavished with misleading credentials by mainstream media.”

The music video reminds viewers that Planned Parenthood and The Guttmacher Institute aren’t as unaffiliated as they claim. Planned Parenthood receives over $360 million annually in tax dollars, and they give $2.1 million of that money to their “research arm” The Guttmacher Institute.

In addition to their videos and campaign ads, The Radiance Foundation also created an initiative called “Shine.” This part of The Radiance Foundation is a community outreach program. They have a “WIN $500 ON PURPOSE” campaign, where they ask people to nominate those who bring hope and healing to others in their communities.

The foundation also supports birth moms facing unplanned pregnancies through “Sally’s Lambs,” which partners with pregnancy care centers and adoption agencies to help provide these mothers with the care and resources they need.

Bomberger told those at FRC his foundation focuses on three lives- the unborn child, the mother and the father. “We are passionate people about trying to see a radical change in how we [society] view human life.”

He called on the community, the church and individuals to get more involved in embracing “life-affirming options." Bomberger said people could get involved by adopting, helping at a pregnancy care center, or a student pro-life group, but that they should “kill apathy,” and work toward enforcing the idea that “children, no matter the circumstances, are precious.”

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