Corey Feldman Praying for Christmas Miracle as He Fights to End Child Pedophilia in Hollywood

Corey Feldman
Actor Corey Feldman departs a gathering at a Beverly Hills hotel following a memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles July 7, 2009. |

Former child actor Corey Feldman, determined to shed light on the sexual corruption happening in Hollywood, has released a final "#TruthCampaign" video in which he reveals that he's praying for a Christmas miracle — to raise enough money to make a film that will expose Hollywood predators and put an end to childhood pedophilia in the movie industry.

Feldman recently launched a full-on campaign to raise money in order to produce a film telling the full uncensored story of those in Hollywood that he says have been abusing child actors, himself included, for decades. Feldman said the powers that be have tried to tarnish his career in the past for speaking out and recently even tried to kill him but he wants to bring everything to the light.

"I'm going to be praying for a Christmas miracle. I have faith in God and I believe that somehow someway this is all going to work itself out," Feldman said for a final time before his campaign ends on Christmas.

"I'm going to continue praying and continue having faith that somehow a blessing will come and at the very last minute we're going to have a miracle and we're going to get everything we need to make this movie."

In the video, he thanked his supporters, addressed lies told from those who oppose his campaign and discussed his plans for the future.

"I will still keep fighting and I will not give up until the truth is completely told," Feldman continued, claiming that even if he doesn't raise the amount he needs he will still move forward with pre-production of the film.

"I will find a way, I don't know — love finds a way, hope finds a way and truth finds a way and therefore I'm going to. I will never quit, never stop until justice is served until the statute of limitations are reversed."

Taking on the biggest project he's ever been a part of, Feldman hopes to raise $1,000,000 through an Indiegogo campaign. According to the campaign, he will need the money to direct and distribute the movie, as well as hire legal counsel and around the clock armed guards for protection as he hopes to expose major power players in Hollywood and beyond.

Feldman told Dr. Oz during a recent interview on his show that after his campaign announcement to expose his abusers, he ran into a number of legal issues. The multi-talented entertainer, also the leader of a band called The Angels, explained that he was detained in October for having his license suspended. Authorities likewise arrested five others from his tour on other minor charges.

Feldman said after his arrest he was almost run over by two "monster trucks" that sped toward him and his band as they crossed the street one evening while heading to dinner. However, the near-death experience proved to be a sign from God to Feldman leading him to believe that he should once and for all speak out against pedophilia in Hollywood.

"I call it a true miracle of God. I believe that God put his hand on me and moved me out of the way that day," he testified.

"After that event, God told me, 'This is what you are here for, this is what matters.' I heard this in God's voice. I said, 'I have to put myself and my needs aside, [but] I am very afraid for the safety of my child and for myself.'" he admitted. "The only way I knew how to protect myself was to create a film where I can expose all of the truths and hopefully raise enough money through a campaign to get myself the protection that I need to get through this project."

Feldman says the film will take about a year or more to complete. He has not released the names of those Hollywood pedophiles publicly due to fear for his safety. However, because of the support he received from the iconic surgeon and others, Feldman has now named three of these Hollywood pedophiles.

He told Megyn Kelly on "Today" that former child talent manager Marty Weiss is one the abusers, then revealed to Dr. Oz two other names — actor Jon Grissom and Alphy Hoffman, owner of popular '80s hangout Alphy's Soda Pop Club.

The 46-year-old said he wants nothing more but to receive help from the authorities.

"I'm not resistant here, people need to understand that. I'm here to carry God's message of love and light," Feldman maintained. "Let's let the truth be told people, the time has come for atonement, this is about atonement!"

Feldman, once a troubled actor addicted to drugs, first talked about his faith in God at the age of 20 years old, after already making millions, losing it all and successfully completing rehab.

Around the same time of Feldman's campaign, news broke that numerous women and actresses accused popular filmmaker Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. Since then, many others in the entertainment industry are under fire for abusing their power and sexually harassing others as well, such as Director Brett Ratner, Oscar Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, and Amazon Studios head Roy Price.

To find out more about Feldman's campaign, visit his page HERE.

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