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Dare 2 Share Ministry Aims to Build Generation of Youth Leaders Through Conference

Dare 2 Share Ministry Aims to Build Generation of Youth Leaders Through Conference

Dare 2 Share Ministries is bringing their touring youth conference to Washington, D.C. this week where thousands of teenagers are expected to converge for messages and breakout sessions based on the life of Daniel.

"Dare 2 Share conferences train and equip teenagers to make disciples who make disciples," Emma Schenkel, marketing associate of Dare 2 Share, told The Christian Post. "When students catch a passion for their unbelieving friends and are given the tools to help them share their faith, great things happen in the students, in the church and in the community."

Schenkel said organizers of "Reverse" expect 3,000 students to attend, and although this age group can be the most difficult to engage with the church, Dare 2 Share plans to keep them interested during the two-day event that begins this Friday with relevant content.

Participants can expect something new to happen on stage every five to seven minutes, explains Schenkel, whether it is a speaker, drama or worship session.

"Teens are media and entertainment savvy so we work hard to make the presentation engaging without sacrificing substance," said Schenkel.

While the conference is open to students in middle school and high school, youth leaders are especially encouraged to attend as well. Those attending a planned breakout session called, "Lead Differently: Leadership the Daniel Way" will learn about the four characteristics that made Daniel of the Bible a great leader including conviction, character, competence, and courage.

Greg Stier, founder of Dare 2 Share, is scheduled to speak about ministry principles, hoping to inspire students and prepare them to lead youth ministries at their churches.

In addition to messages and entertainment, the event will also incorporate a unique outreach experience for attendees. Each student will go into the city and share the message of the gospel by partaking in one of six outreach opportunities. They will be able to collect canned goods for the local community, offer to clean windows around surrounding neighborhoods, or meet in a crowded area and ask strangers to write out their prayer requests, among other outreach opportunities.

"After the outreach experience, students return excited and pumped up about their faith and their God, maybe for the first time in their lives," said Schenkel. "Making sure that students are putting what they are learning into practice is a key component of a Dare 2 Share weekend and it's really the catalyst for transformation."

In addition, the conference will feature spoken word artist Propaganda, Zane Black and Katie Payne as speakers. Worship sessions will be led by Desperation Band.

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