Former psychic blasts Fox News for divination segment with astrologer: 'Extra deception'

Segment comes months after Jesse Watters aired tarot card reading

Astrologer Susan Miller, far right, joined 'Fox & Friends' hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt and Lawrence Jones last week to read their horoscopes.
Astrologer Susan Miller, far right, joined "Fox & Friends" hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt and Lawrence Jones last week to read their horoscopes. | Screengrab/Fox & Friends/Fox News

A former psychic who repented of occultism to become a Christian blasted Fox News for inviting an astrologer on "Fox & Friends" last week to read the horoscopes of the anchors, marking the second divination segment on the channel in recent months.

Jenn Nizza, an author and podcaster who runs, told The Christian Post that she believes Fox News is driven solely by ratings and money, but that the network potentially poses a spiritual danger to its viewers by airing light-hearted interviews with occult practitioners.

Astrologer Susan Miller joined "Fox & Friends" hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt and Lawrence Jones last Thursday to explain how the moon and Monday's solar eclipse could affect not just someone's mood, but their entire life for at least six months.

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"It's not just your mood," she said. "It's everything if it touches a planet in your chart, and on — which is my website — I delineate how specifically a solar eclipse is actually a new moon. I know it sounds [like] it should be a full moon, but it's not. It's the new moon, always. And it will affect you for six months or more."

Miller went on to offer vague, broad predictions for each of the "Fox & Friends" anchors based on their astrological charts.

Earhardt, who offers a streaming Bible study on Fox Nation, replied to her horoscope reading by noting that she leans on God during hard times, and also pressed Miller to explain how she reconciles her astrological practices with her supposed Roman Catholic faith.

"God talks to me, actually," Miller replied with a laugh before the segment wrapped up because of time.

Despite its breezy tone, Nizza is concerned that segments like the one with Miller could be used by dark spiritual forces "as a way to reach people that otherwise wouldn't be aware as much of divination."

"It makes it seem like it's a big old joke, it's just entertainment," Nizza told CP. "If Satan masquerades as an angel of light, if he can make this seem like something that it's not, if he can make it seem like this is light-hearted and just entertainment, he's desensitizing people to it."

Nizza emphasized the "extra deception" posed by Fox News effectively promoting divination with the aid of hosts who portray themselves as Christians.

"Fox is deceived, but they're promoting themselves at times to be Christian, to care about God," she said. "And then you have [the hosts] talking about God and talking about their Zodiac signs as if it's just OK; as if you can comingle Christianity and the New Age, which is in direct rebellion to God. You can't have both."

"If the enemy can make you think that something is either holy or godly, then you would feel safer doing it; you would feel more comfortable doing it," she continued. "But did you go to the Word and check? A lot of people aren't going to. They're relying on these people claiming to be Christian."

"So unfortunately, the responsibility still lies on us to go to the Word and check and see what God says — to 'test the spirits,' of course," she added, referencing 1 John 4:1.

Nizza, who said she is increasingly "fed up" with Fox News for broadcasting occult practices and drifting further into sensationalism, also accused the network in January of pushing a "demonic agenda" when opinion host Jesse Watters invited the so-called "English Psychic" Paula Roberts on his primetime show to divine the country's political future with tarot cards.

Citing her own experience as a former medium, Nizza told CP at the time that the cardboard and pictures of the tarot do not offer any insight by themselves, but that the purported information psychics obtain from them is "channeled" from demonic sources.

"A tool of divination is one that's actually accessing the demonic realm, the spirit realm, and you're going against God's will of boundaries; God says not to," she said, citing Deuteronomy 18:10-12, which prohibits witchcraft and divination as "detestable" practices that incur divine judgment.

As with tarot cards and any other form of divination, Nizza said astrology taps into demonic sources of knowledge, which she said threatens to rope in practitioners even if the predictions are not always accurate. She has written about how dabbling with tarot cards at age 13 dragged her into a life of demonic oppression for years.

"They can get 100 things wrong and one thing right, and you can hang on to that one thing that's right, because you're going to be so intrigued," she said. "And that's the hook. That's the proverbial carrot being dangled in front of your face."

"Where planets were when you were born is meaningless," she continued. "A planet doesn't know if you're wise with money, if you are personable, if you're going to have a new love in your life. They just know nothing about you. There's no wisdom in planets."

"It bothers me," she added regarding Fox's occult content. "It's a news channel. Why are you even reporting on divination? Why are you getting into the supernatural?"

Nizza also posted a TikTok video on Monday exhorting Fox News to stop promoting divination.

@expsychicsaved I am honestly saddened to see a news channel capitalizing, promoting, and beliebing in divination. Saying you are catholic and a medium or astrologer is a great way to deceive the masses. The diviner is deveived and thinks they are helping but it is not help! Leading people away from God, encouraging people to go to His creation is a horrible sin and leads to no good thing! Please know ALL diviners are receiving their info from demons and demons just want you to get sucked in so that you will share their fate. #foxnews#astrology#stars#zodiac#devil#eclipse#bible? A thousand years - Zeus

"Fox News, do me a favor: please stop putting diviners on your channel, I'm begging you," she said, adding that "the devil is using you guys" to put divination in the minds of people who are simply trying to watch the news.

"This is what the devil does, this is his agenda," she said. "I understand the desire for ratings and for money, but you're not going to take that with you when you go. I would really think about that: serving God and pleasing God, not man."

Last July, an investigation by The Blaze revealed that Fox Corporation was willing to match Fox News employee donations of up to $1,000 to a number of far-left organizations, including The Satanic Temple.

Fox News never publicly addressed the revelation that emerged from multiple sources within the company, though it reportedly removed The Satanic Temple from its giving portal days after Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck broadcast the story.

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