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Hollyn responds to critics claiming she’s no longer a Christian artist after 'Sad Girl' EP 

Hollyn responds to critics claiming she’s no longer a Christian artist after 'Sad Girl' EP 

Gotee Records' newest artist Hollyn, 2015. | (Photo: Merge PR)

Artist Hollyn addressed comments claiming she’s no longer a Christain singer because her new EP, Bye, Sad Girl., is about a down season in her life and doesn't explicitly mention God. 

Hollyn took to social media over the weekend and posted a photo showing a couple of comments she received from users online. 

“What happened why aren't you singing for God anymore” and “start making songs about God again,” the comments read. The Gotee records artist, saddened by the messages, decided to make a public statement about her new EP, which is coming Sept. 6.

“It breaks my heart to read these comments because it’s a complete misinterpretation of this project, me, and the heart of God,” the young singer wrote on Instagram. 

“The goal is vulnerability, the goal is connectivity, the goal is HEALING,” she explained.

Hollyn said her response to the comments would be:

“Isn’t God in every aspect of our life? He is a God of process & God of hope.

"this project is my PROCESS towards inner healing. This project is God’s promise of HOPE spoken into my heart,” she said.

The three pre-released songs released on her EP do not speak of God or faith and are focused more so on heartbreak after a relationship. However, Hollyn went on to say that she hopes they resonate with anyone struggling with mental health, emotional health or trauma.

“I pray this project meets you right where you’re at. whatever your situation is. 

"that it brings you encouragement to keep taking steps towards freedom,” she wrote. 

Hollyn concluded her post, stating, “With the utmost humility and love, I ask you, instead of excluding people, invite them in. our job is to help people take steps towards truth...not to exclude them.”

The 22-year-old released her debut album One-Way Conversations in 2017 under TobyMac's record label and it ranked at No. 2 on the iTunes Pop Albums chart at the time just under Lady Gaga, coming in the Top 10 overall on iTunes. Her singles, "Can't Live Without" and "In Awe,” also made it to the Top 25 on Christian radio.

Her debut success has solidified the Ohio native as a bonafide success and some in the mainstream industry have taken notice of Hollyn.


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