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iPhone 5 Release Date: Fantasy Specs, Part 1 - What Features Do Users Most Want?

Some iPhone 5 rumors may soon be proven true with Apple's media event being confirmed for October 4.

Until then, speculation continues to build around what Apple's latest smartphone will be like.

Among the many more plausible specs proposed for the iPhone 5 include an iOS 5 upgrade, 4G capability, a higher resolution, 8MP camera, a tear drop shape, a larger screen and a thinner, rounder body.

Here are some of the specs Apple iPhone users have expressed to CP they would most like to see on the next generation device:

Water Proof:

It was recently reported that one proposed iPhone 5 spec might be a fireproof exterior made of flame retardant material especially developed by Apple.

Apple lovers have also proposed making the iPhone virtually impermeable to the elements with a waterproof exterior as well.

While electrical glitches could possibly make an iPhone susceptible to catching fire, there is also a great risk of iPhones being damaged through the accidental spilling of liquids or phones being dropped in water.

Apple technical support confirmed with CP that water damage voids the AppleCare warranty of any Apple product, including the iPhone.

Shatterproof Screen:

There are many removable screen protectors on the market for Apple products that do an excellent job of protecting the products from accidental drops.

Users propose creating a shatterproof material for the screens of iPhones and other Apple products.

Many developers and tech enthusiasts have taken to blogs and YouTube to demonstrate with drop tests how easy it is to shatter the screen of an Apple product without protection.

Apple is known for submitting patents for the latest developments. On April 16, the company filed an application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a halogen free resin composition that could be used to make the iPhone 5 fire proof.

Creating a shatterproof material could be another opportunity for Apple to add more patents to its arsenal.

Built-in Bumpers:

One of the most accessible iPhone 5 rumors has been the supposed leak of protective bumper cases that reveal the dimensions of the smartphone's screen.

While iPhone cases tend to be fairly inexpensive accessories, iPhone owners have proposed that the same material be grafted onto the sides and back of the iPhone 5 to make drop protection a basic feature on the smartphone.

Some gave even mentioned they would like the new device to have built-in bumpers so the phone could bounce in the event the iPhone is dropped.

In conjunction with a shatterproof screen, being waterproof and possibly actually fire proof, the iPhone 5 would be virtually indestructible.

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