Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Jerusalem Religious Leader Praises Christian and Muslim Egyptians Fighting Terrorists

Jerusalem Religious Leader Praises Christian and Muslim Egyptians Fighting Terrorists

Patriarchs and heads of churches from all over Jerusalem have praised those in Egypt who are facing violence and bloodshed but have maintained their faith and spoken out against the violence. They are now calling on both Muslims and Christians to unite in opposition of terrorists inciting violence throughout the nation.

"We are following the situation in Egypt, where unprecedented violence and terrorism has wages and a large number of soldiers in Egypt have been murdered, as well as the targeting of churches," according to a statement issued today.

"We appreciate the stance shown by many Muslim citizens protecting their Christian brethren, aiding them in defending churches and public institutions, calling for the perpetrators to abide by the values of tolerance."

The leaders also addressed the dangerous situation ongoing in Egypt and urged other world leaders to lend assistance to end the violence.

"We, the patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem, look to Egypt with feelings of remorse, as we witness the division and intentional violence taking place, in addition to the acts of terrorism that have claimed that lives of many innocent people."

They called the international community to take a stand against violence and terrorism, supporting the Egyptian people in overcoming their ordeal.

The statement also condemned "the division at risk in Egypt, and all the manifestations of violence," and added, "We call the advocates of violence to return to Egypt and its values, to keep everyone safe."

The patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem announced their support of their Egyptian people, during their struggle with division and terrorism.


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