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Johnny Depp Lends Voice to Blasphemous Christmas Song

Johnny Depp Lends Voice to Blasphemous Christmas Song

This time of year is usually filled with songs about baby Jesus and expressions of the great joy that emanates from the Christmas story. It seems no one told actor Johnny Depp who lent his voice to the rock band Babybird for a Christmas song filled with images of a drunken, party going Jesus, in the song “Jesus Stag Night Club.”

The song portrays Jesus as the facilitator for a stag night or better known in the states as a bachelor party. Hired by a group of teenagers believing him to be a look-alike, they discover in the end that he wasn’t a fake but the real Jesus.

During the night Jesus invites many to his night club as he enjoys his drunken night which leaves him passed out by the end.

The lyrics begin with “Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady/ Bloody thorns round his ear like he was a crazy/ He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine/ Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine.”

Continuing to push the envelope, the lyrics include:

“I can’t remember where I was last night/ Think I was hanging naked off a church spire/ Tied by my ankles to a weather vane/ Felt like I was Jesus on fire/ Cuffed to the bumper of a big truck/ I begged my dad to take me to a strip bar/ Drank kerosene through my eyeballs/ Drove myself home in a stolen car.”

Christian groups Focus on the Family and the Christian Coalition have vehemently spoken out against the song hoping to have it removed from British radio stations as the song is competing to be the number one song on U.K. radio on Christmas Day.



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