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Man Who Attacked Bristol Palin Not Sorry, Says 'Whole Family Is Trash'

The man who verbally attacked Bristol Palin in a bar Thursday by calling her mother, Sarah Palin, a "devil" and several more expletives, refused to back down from his outburst in an interview with TMZ. Rather, he delivered a few more attacks on the Palin family.

"I personally am not a fan of anything Palin," Stephen Hanks said. Hanks said he did notice cameras were recording the altercation and had no intention to get a media buzz out of the insult-riddled dialogue with the former Alaska governor's daughter.

"I wasn't looking for it, but I have to say – it feels good to get it off my chest," he said.

Hanks continued to explain his position: "I'm very passionate about politics. I'm very passionate about this country. And I'm passionate that these people are very dangerous. I acted upon my feelings and I would do that anytime anywhere. I did the same thing to Newt Gingrich at the Four Seasons in New York."

When a TMZ reporter pointed out that Gingrich is a much older man whereas Bristol is a 20 year-old female, Hanks did not back down.

"That's no excuse," he said. "If you can have a baby, I think you're an adult. If you can go around talking about how not to have babies and you have babies, you're an adult," he added, referring to a public service announcement Bristol did for the Candie's Foundation that encouraged teens to "pause before you play" to avoid teen pregnancy.

During the confrontation, Bristol asked Hanks if he was angry with Palin because he was a homosexual. During the interview, Hanks said that was "very derogatory."

"It just means that she comes from a home, in my opinion, where gays are made fun of. Where blacks are probably made fun of," he said.

"I grew up in Louisiana, man," he said. "I've seen trash in Louisiana. I know trash. I might be considered trash myself, so I know it. And they’re trash."

A Stephen Hanks on Twitter who uses the handle "@sickofpalin" has been tweeting for several months, with mainly political jabs at conservative figures. However, it could not be determined if that user is the same Stephen Hanks who argued with Bristol.

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