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Megachurch Pastor Ed Young Recovering from Surgery

Megachurch Pastor Ed Young Recovering from Surgery

Ed Young, pastor of one of the largest churches in the country, underwent triple bypass surgery Thursday.

The Second Baptist Church pastor is recovering and "doing very well," as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Young, 73, was hospitalized after he felt tightness in his chest.

Just a few days earlier, Young was at the pulpit preaching energetically, sometimes singing and doing push-ups, to thousands on the blood of Jesus Christ.

Christianity, he preached, is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while religion is about doing ? or not doing ? to get right with God.

"Christians are not religious," said Young, a former Southern Baptist Convention president. "Jesus came to do away with all religion.

"Understand that we are right with God through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross."

It is uncertain when Young will return to the pulpit following his surgery.

Second Baptist Church claims a membership of over 53,000 with campuses in five different locations.


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