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Muslim Brotherhood Inciting Conflict in Egypt, Claims European Committee

Muslim Brotherhood Inciting Conflict in Egypt, Claims European Committee

Elmar Brok, chairman of European Parliament's foreign affairs committee, has accused the Muslim Brotherhood of inciting the ongoing situation in Egypt.

In a statement Thursday, the committee condemned all forms of violence and terrorist attacks against police in Sinai as well as the destruction of churches, the targeting of Christians and attacks on government installations and museums.

"The era of former President Mohamed Morsi witnessed a proliferation of radical Islamic groups. Although Morsi was democratically elected, he had taken a number of undemocratic actions during his reign," Brok said, after a lengthy meeting with the EP's foreign affairs committee.

"Morsi did not work to meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people to improve their living conditions," Brok added. "He sought to impose a constitution without taking other political rivals' suggestions. Opposition to the constitution urged 22 million Egyptians to sign the Tamarod petitions as a prelude to his ouster."

European parliamentarians participated in a meeting held by the Council of the European Union to take an active role in reaching a political solution to the crisis in Egypt.

They urged for a comprehensive solution that would eventually lead to free and fair elections. They also called for constitutional reforms that respect and guarantee the rights of all segments of the Egyptian people.


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