Natalie Grant reveals why she went to church after finding out her mom had a heart attack

Natalie Grant
Singer/songwriter Natalie Grant arrives at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, January 26, 2014. |

Award-winning singer Natalie Grant took to social media on Tuesday to share that her mother had suffered a heart attack, and while her first instinct was to hop on a plane to be by her mom's side, she first went to church. 

“Very early this past Sunday morning, my dad called to tell me my mom had a heart attack. Living far from my family has never been easy, but it’s never been harder than it was in that moment,” Grant wrote on Instagram Tuesday

The soulful singer admitted feeling “paralyzed” and not knowing what to do because her mother lives in Seattle, Washington, and she lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  

“How serious is it? Is she OK? Should I fly home? I gathered my girls and Bernie and we prayed. And then we decided to go to church cuz I sure couldn’t think of a better place to be in that moment,” Grant explained. 

“One thing was certain, I had zero control over my mom’s situation, but being with my church family and worshiping the One who’s in complete control brought such comfort and hope,” she added.

After she left the church, Grant departed for Seattle to with her mother. The singer said she was so “grateful” she took time to pray because she believes God answered her prayers. She then testified to God’s faithfulness.

“Mom is doing well.  The doctors have identified some problems which they say are reversible, hallelujah!” Grant wrote, then asked for her supporters to join her in prayer. “Would you say a prayer for my momma’s continued recovery, for her heart to be restored to full function, and wisdom for the doctors to know how to move forward from here?”

“Walking into her hospital room today, finally making it to her arms, I burst into tears and laughter all at the same time. Nothing like a hug from your momma,” she concluded.

Grant had her own health scare in 2017 when she was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to undergo thyroid surgery to remove two cancerous tumors. 

She first found out she had tumors on her thyroid years ago, but up until her surgery the doctors told her it was nothing to be concerned about. After her surgery, however, the mother of three found out that the nodules were, in fact, cancerous.

"I wanted to let you know that we received the pathology report from the surgery that I had this past Tuesday. ... The pathology results have revealed that it was, in fact, papillary thyroid cancer," Grant said in a Facebook Live video at the time. "I had two cancerous nodules inside that right lobe, but pathology has also revealed that the cancer was completely contained within those nodules. So in other words, they got it all. The doctor's office actually said, 'Congratulations you have no more cancer inside of your body.'"

The "Clean" singer said the news immediately brought her to tears at the thought that she actually had cancer in her body. She then also saw God’s faithfulness. 

"It's literally like the cancer was stopped dead in its tracks, fully encapsulated inside of those nodules, not a branch out, no growth. They tested the surrounding tissue and neighboring lymph-node, all of which showed no sign of cancer or cancerous cells," Grant added. "All of the tissue was completely clean. So when they took out that right lobe they took out the cancer, hallelujah! This is absolutely the best possible outcome."

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