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NFL Player Believes 'God Will Show Up' for New York Jets Football Season

NFL Player Believes 'God Will Show Up' for New York Jets Football Season

New York Jets linebacker Demario Davis. |

New York Jets Linebacker Demario Davis says he has a premonition that the 2014 NFL season will be his team's best year because he believes his intuition is coming directly from God.

Davis is a devout Christian who made a similar bold statement last year during a time when the Jets were under scrutiny. But this year he is taking a similar approach as another Christian football player did in believing that nothing is impossible.

"… Everybody says that this is their year. Everybody says it from all 32 teams, but who really believes it? [Seattle quarterback] Russell Wilson last year said, 'Why not us?' It's so much about believing. You're going to have so many doubters, so many believers. You have to go out there and believe that this is our time," Davis said to Metro news outlet.

Davis added, "Everything is in faith and I have faith that everything that comes to my heart and spirit is from God. It's not like you hear His voice in the sky; it's a spirit thing. And the word I'm getting for us this year is 'believe.'"

Although he is not making premature assumptions that his team will make it to the Super Bowl, Davis explained that his unshakable feeling is an extension of the similar intuition he had last year. During the 2013 season, Davis reportedly said God showed him a lesson through the story of Gideon in the Bible, who God used to overcome a large army despite his limited resources.

He also explained that his feeling is not derived from a direct conversation with God but it is based on "things you see every day."

"Last year, it was Gideon, about having faith to step out and be a leader and trust in God that He will show up," said Davis. "Now the second part of it, and this is the most important part of the season right here: faith, trusting that this season will be special. The big thing that keeps coming is that, 'This is the season, this is the season. Believe in it, have faith.'"

Davis will continue to hold on to his faith as he awaits the NFL season to begin next week but in the meantime, he will keep developing his spiritual growth as he is known to dedicate his mornings to God through prayer and meditation in the Bible.

Davis admitted that faith alone will not be enough because he acknowledged that his team has to consistently put in work. But he is clinging to hope because his mother instilled in him the passion to do so.

"Before my final season at Arkansas State, she told me it was going to be a big year for us — a championship year," said Davis, referring to the year before he was drafted into the NFL. "When she says it, most times it happens how she says it. She said it now this offseason. I don't know what it is, but I feel like it's going to be a special year."

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