Nicki Minaj Thanks Jesus for Painful Split in Tearful Interview; Talks Perils of Fame

(Photo : REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)Rapper Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj broke down during a recent interview while discussing her breakup from her partner of 15 years and despite her heartbreak, the rapper thanked God for the split.

The 31-year-old "Anaconda" rapper opened up about her relationship woes with ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels on her new album "The Pinkprint" and she was asked about the possibility of a reconciliation during a recent interview. She also spoke about the perils of fame and at one point thanked Jesus for a previous breakup involving another ex.

"I think I'm beyond that point now because I've found so much peace now," Minaj said on "The Angie Martinez Show" when asked about a reconciliation. "It's kind of like now I don't want to go back to feeling like how I was feeling. But I don't know what life holds, I don't know what the future holds. If it's meant to be, it'll be. And if it's not meant to be then thank God we got out now before there were children involved because I would hate to do that."


The Grammy-nominated artist, who credits God as being one of her heroes, recalled a time when Safaree (her longtime hype man) helped her heal after she split from her first love at age 19.

"When we went our separate ways (I think I was 19), that was my first love, my first partner, everything. I remember when I found out he had a baby, how I cried to Safaree," she told Martinez. "We were already involved but he really like understood that I still needed to heal from that other pain. Even though I was into him, I still was like 'Oh my God, this was supposed to be my life.' But thank Jesus that I didn't!"

Minaj, who is among the highest-selling female MCs in the world, recently made history for having made the most appearances on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Last month she surpassed "King of Pop" Michael Jackson with the help of her new single "Bed of Lies," which marked 56 chart entries on the Hot 100 according to

She shared her thoughts on the perils of fame but said she is now in a very good place in her life after having ended her 15-year relationship.

"I am a lot happier now and I know that's hard to see with the tears, but I really am and I think that sometimes attachment is unhealthy … we were addicted to each other for so long," she said.

The rapper admitted that if it wasn't for her being famous, she would still be with Samuels and described fame as being "stronger than heroin."

"You want to know what's crazy? If I wasn't a rapper, we would have children, be married and be living happily ever after and that's what's sad and that's what we're both sad about because we know that this s--- (the industry) did it," she said. "That's why fame is worst drug known to man, it's stronger than heroin. Like, that's real! Because I've seen people's desire for fame destroy them."

Minaj's mother Carol, who is a gospel artist, previously credited prayer for her daughter's career success.

"My life as a Christian and believer was opened to Onika. As her career continued to thrive, she developed more concerns about life," Carol told The Christian Post in June. "She knew I believed in the power of prayer, therefore, she constantly called me and our pastor, to pray for different concerns she may have ... I believe by her acknowledging the power of prayer, and her strong desire to tithe together with a praying mother, contributed to her success."