Playboy's Famous Barbi Twins Become Bible-Embracing Conservatives

Shane and Sia Barbi were iconic cover girls during the 1990s who shot to international stardom after being discovered by Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner. Years after strutting on designer catwalks and posing for fashion magazines, the twins now reveal their stance on politics and their Christian faith.

In an interview with, they talked about their partial conservative upbringing and the self-image issues that led them to pose nude, and even shared their passion for animal activism and their involvement in current affairs.

"We were good kids, but that can backfire," said Shane. "What we did was we were the adults while my mom was this wild hippie child. She would wear mini-skirts and we'd say, 'No mama, please.'"

Growing up, the twins spent time between their divorced parents' homes. They both described their father as a "very hardcore, Republican, Christian, Reagan-living Jimmy Stewart type," and their mother, a lesbian, as "an active 12-stepper" who taught them the importance of believing in a higher power.

Despite Shane and Sia's career choices in their adult life, their parents' conservative and religious influence did have an impact on them during their childhood as they even aspired to become nuns at one point.  Now they consider themselves Bible-believing, born-again Christians.

"I believe Christ has saved me because Christ is unconditional love," said Sia.

During their Playboy modeling years, their belief in God was a faint thought and one that never fazed them enough to turn down a project with the magazine. Shane told The Blaze that Sia had second thoughts about their first nude shoot, saying that at one point Sia said, "I'm not going to do this. God just won't like this."

However, they did it regardless and from then on they became known as the famous Barbi twins. They also revealed they entered the modeling world with reservations about their bodies after struggling with bulimia, but they had believed that baring it all would put an end to their eating disorders with the hope to become role models for women enduring the same issues.  However that never happened.

"My life led up to that. I can't go on in my life having regrets and trying to do things again. I am who I am today because I did that … I was in a very bad place," said Shane.

Now with their past behind them, both Shane and Sia have found another way to make themselves known, through animal advocacy and charity organizations. Their strong interest in politics has even led Shane to coin the term "veGUN" to encapsulate her support for a healthy vegan lifestyle and the right to bear arms.

"I love to care, nurture, protect, the fetus or any living creature. Being an animal activist to me is pretty consistent in my life to being pro-life," said Shane.

"My sister and I call ourselves 'the Green Tea Party,' which includes the freedom to be who we are. I, too, am pro-life for all life and believe in the Second Amendment - not so much to hunt, but for us to not be hunted by the government."

The duo currently aims to put their principles ahead of their political beliefs and anticipate becoming more open about their views and in calling Americans to confront key issues together.

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