Pregnant Teens Protest Against Parents Uncovers Truth About Forced Abortion

Parents and teenagers often fight, but one girl and her parents are fighting over life and death itself. This week in Houston, a pregnant 16-year-old known only as R.E.K. filed a lawsuit against her parents for attempting to coerce her to undergo an abortion.

In the lawsuit, R.E.K. claimed that her mother conspired to slip her an abortion pill if she did not willingly abort, and that her father resorted to physical and verbal threats. On Wednesday, February 13, a Harris County, Texas court issued a restraining order against the parents.

R.E.K.'s story is so outstanding that her plight has made national news for three days now. So what does that flurry of news coverage say about forced abortion in Texas and in America?

Our friends in pregnancy centers across Texas would certainly say that forced abortion is woefully underreported. The countless girls unaware of their right to not to abort are the ones who, unfortunately, never make headlines. R.E.K. is exceptional because she shouted loud enough to be heard.

Girls shouldn't have to scream for help. If abortion facilities really valued reproductive freedom, they would happily screen clients for abuse, rather than being accomplices to murder. Abortion doctors would also ensure that all patients, regardless of age, were giving voluntary and informed consent to the abortion, free from outside pressure, as with other elective procedures.

If R.E.K.'s parents had succeeded in their quest to kill their grandchild, they would have been subject to criminal charges for child abuse and fetal homicide. Both national and state laws criminalize the killing of a wanted unborn child.

But, in Texas, a lawyer would be hard-pressed to charge an abortionist as an accomplice to fetal homicide. Abortion lobbyists have worked carefully to protect abortion facilities from knowing "too much" about their clients.

OB-GYNs routinely ask their patients -- in private -- whether or not they are enduring stress at home, or if they are suffering abuse -- but abortionists don't. Texas Right to Life has worked with pro-life legislators in the past to pass laws that would ensure that abortion facilities are held to this same standard of care, but the abortion lobby has thwarted them every time.

Clearly, abortion businesses have their bottom line in mind, but the abortionist who is willfully ignorant of his client's situation is just as guilty as the one who, in full knowledge, commits an unwanted abortion.

Elizabeth Graham is the state director of Texas Right to Life.

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