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Sleepyhead Burglars Caught Snoozing in Caskets at Funeral Home

Sleepyhead Burglars Caught Snoozing in Caskets at Funeral Home

Workers at a local funeral home in Tennessee walked into a strange sight early Monday morning. Employees discovered two men sleeping in the empty caskets located in the Weaver Funeral Home storage facility.

Bristol police said when the sleeping intruders were woken up by employees, they were told the police would be called.

The two men popped out of the caskets and attempted to flee the building by jumping out a window.

Police said one of the subjects managed to escape. The other suspect, Barrett Lance Hartsock, was caught on the scene and arrested.

Hartsock was charged with burglary and vandalism of merchandise worth more than $1,000. He is currently being held in the local jail pending a bail hearing.

“The second intruder is described as a white male, he was last seen in the area of Cherry St. in Bristol, TN.” a police spokesperson said.

"When we last saw him he was not wearing a shirt. He may go by the name Lars or by the nickname Sparks or Sparky.”

The two men did not just fall asleep in the caskets. Police said there was more than $9,000 in damage done to the caskets.

The suspect has not told police why he and his partner fell asleep in the funeral home.

"This story is just creepy," said Allison Jenson, a resident from Alabama following the story.

"It is not showing any respect for anything if you ask me. Horrible."

Weaver Funeral Home is family-owned and has been in business for some 119 years.

Due to the odd nature of the news story, it is spreading across the nation’s newspapers and online news agencies.

One blogger wrote, “Obviously, these aren't your run of the mill intruders or robbers. What intruder with a semi-normal brain falls asleep on the job? …Caskets are for the end, and the end of the road is here for Hartsock."


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