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'The Ultimate Life' Producer Preps Audience for Feel-Good Film

Producer of the upcoming "The Ultimate Life" Rick Eldridge opened up about what the film will bring to audiences once it premieres this fall.

During a visit to the film set in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Christian Post caught up with the ReelWorks CEO.

"We get to learn about Red Stevens when he was a kid through the device of a journal we can go back," Eldridge explained to CP. "'The Ultimate Life' allows us to see ups and downs of him getting to where he finally became a billionaire and how he learned about life."

While still in production, "The Ultimate Life" will offer both a sequel and a prequel to the 2007 acclaimed film "The Ultimate Gift" where we met Red Stevens, a successful businessman who was forced to accept his dysfunctional family with regret. In an attempt to preserve his life's legacy and rectify his family, Red leaves a series of gifts and his multibillion-dollar foundation to his grandson, Jason.

"The Ultimate Life" takes place three years later, when Jason is struggling to maintain his grandfather's foundation all while facing a lawsuit from greedy relatives.

Just when Jason reaches the end of his rope, he receives a never-before-seen journal penned by his beloved grandfather. Red's writing takes Jason through poverty, doubts, hardship, and success- and leads him to "The Ultimate Life."

As for the filming, Eldridge revealed complete confidence in the cast and crew.

"We have a lot of great actors who have done very well with their roles," explained Eldridge. "We did a scene of a 1951 high school dance. We had 150 extras and a lot of moving parts in one of the biggest scenes in the film. It's where Red meets his future wife and it came across really well."

Eldridge and David Kappes are serving as producers, while actors Drew Waters, Peter Fonda, and Logan Bartholomew star in the film.

Eldridge has had a career in the entertainment business for over three decades as a musician, producer, director, and entrepreneur. He was involved in films including "The Ultimate Gift," "Stroke of Genius," and "The Perfect Game," among many others.

Although an exact release date has not been announced, Eldridge said that filming is over halfway completed. He noted that "The Ultimate Life" should be in theaters as early as September, with the DVD likely becoming available for the holidays.

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