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Top 5 transgender activism moments in 2018

Top 5 transgender activism moments in 2018

Lulu, a transgender girl, leans on a hammock at her home in Buenos Aires. | (Photo: Reuters)

Judge strips Christian parents of custody of a gender-confused teenager

An Ohio family found themselves in a court battle in February where Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Hendon ultimately ruled that their child — who had reached out to a crisis hotline and wanted to proceed with controversial medical treatment — was to be removed from their home and transferred to the home of the grandparents who were supportive of the treatments.

As CP reported, Hendon said that hormone therapy could begin at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and the grandparents can petition to change the child's name in probate court. The teen was covered by the grandparents' insurance, allowing them, instead of the parents, to help make future medical decisions for the child.

"This case ought to send a chill down the spine of every parent in observing what the state can do to tamper with parental rights in order to further the Sexual Revolution," tweeted Andrew Walker, author and director of policy studies for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

"This is a *major* setback for parental rights and religious liberty," he said at the time.