Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie Trailer Released (VIDEO)

The long awaited teaser trailer of Twilight Breaking Dawn was released Wednesday, revealing motifs of parenthood and parental sacrifice, and heating up excitement before the latest adaptation of The Twilight Saga series hits the theaters on November 18.

The vampire series, based on Stephenie Meyer’s prose, have all been huge Hollywood hits, and Braking Dawn, directed by Bill Condon, already makes fans around the world squeak.

The newly released trailer was declared stunning by experts. It gives a glimpse of the married life of beautiful Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and the immortal Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a young, handsome vampire.

Breaking Dawn starts like a traditional fairy tale- Bella and Edward have a dreamy wedding at the Cullen house. A romantic honeymoon in Brazil follows. The couple lives in bliss.

That bliss cannot last long though - that would make an uneventful plot. And plot-wise, there is a lot to expect.

During the fairy tale honeymoon Bella not only loses her virginity to Edward, she also gets pregnant. Her belly starts to swell with purely supernatural speed.

The half-human half-vampire in Bella’s womb has amazing powers and munches on its mother’s health.

"The fetus is incompatible with your body," Dr. Carlisle tells Bella eventually. "It's too strong."

"It's crushing you from the inside out," Edward adds.

This sparks the main tension for the movie. Edward and the remaining characters face the dramatic threat of Bella dying if she decides to give birth. To that, the being in her stomach is believed to be a deadly threat to the pack of human-like wolves, who embark on a hunt for Bella and her unborn offspring.

Will Bella have to sacrifice her life to bring the young one to the world? That’s to be determined on November 18.

It’s also to be determined whether the Vatican will react to the newest blockbuster as it did in 2009, when Pope Benedict XVI bashed the Twilight Saga and called it a “deviant moral vacuum'” that’s “absolutely anti-Christian.”

This movie obviously deals with the motifs of parenthood and parental sacrifice, as Bella faces death if she decides to carry her pregnancy until the end.

Here is the teaser trailer:

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