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Ukrainian Pastor to Cycle Around World For Orphans

Ukrainian Pastor to Cycle Around World For Orphans

Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko, of the Good Changes Church in Eastern Ukraine, has recently announced his plans to cycle around the world to promote his work.

Mokhnenko, also the founder of Republic Pilgrim, will take his passion for children to a new level when he begins his "World Without Orphans" project, which is expected to start this month.

The organization's website suggested that the pastor simply wants to promote adoption in an attempt to leave fewer kids without families.

"Creation and presentation of information events in order to eliminate children abandonment in the world" is one of the listed aims on the website's press release.

Another aim designed to eradicate the stigma behind adoption and foster homes is, "education and destruction of the negative myths about adoption."

Sources suggested that Mokhnenko is aware that his plans to cycle around the globe may be considered extreme and outrageous, but according he believes his goals "will raise awareness, and can help eliminate this problem."

So far, the route that is designed to kick off in Europe and could eventually reach Alaska, will feature a cycle through Canada, and include West Coast cities such as Seattle and LA – although the cities have yet to be confirmed.

Earlier this year, officials took "the first step" in promoting adoption when a group of children along with their adoptive parents cycled through Ukraine sharing their message with locals that "Ukraine should be without orphans."

Republic Pilgrim understands that "all children deserve to be happy" and urged the importance for people to "make it happen for at least one child."

According to the Washington Post, "The number of foreign children adopted by Americans fell by 15 percent last year, reaching the lowest level since 1994."

The Post also reports that while "China accounted for the most children adopted in the US," Ethiopia was second and Ukraine was 5th.

Pastor Mokhnenko could not be reached for comment.