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Virgins Wanted: Brazilian Woman Selling Virginity May Face Spiritual Consequences, Says Pastor

Brazilian Catarina Migliorini, who is just 20-years-old, became a viral sensation in recent weeks after she decided to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. The move has sparked a wave of criticism and debate about sexual morality and prostitution issues, with Christian leaders speaking out to offer guidance on sex and spirituality.

Migliorini reportedly brought her studies in Physical Education to a halt in order to take part in a documentary called "Virgins Wanted." She has received widespread rebuke for her decision but she has attempted to justify her decision to saying, "Many people meet unknown people in bars, have sex on the same night and forget about them the next day; others lose their virginity with boyfriends but then after that things change."

Brazilian Pastor Sarah Sheeva, who herself has remained abstinent for the past nine years, has weighed in on the highly publicized controversy, saying to The Christian Post that there are possible consequences to a person losing their virginity in the way Migliorini is attempting to.

According to the pastor, Migliorini will be spiritually connected to the man she has sexual relations with until the day she dies, even if she holds no long term feelings for him.

"Those who believe in the Scriptures know it reveals that sex is a covenant that goes beyond the physical body; it is a spiritual covenant between a man and a woman. This young woman will be connected to the man that she will have the sexual relationship with until death. She will be connected to him spiritually not emotionally," Sheeva told CP.

The Brazilian pastor, who is a well known advocate for sexual abstinence before marriage, has said that unless Migliorini has an experience with Jesus, the covenant can never be broken. "Only the blood of Jesus Christ can clean and break an alliance like this, which is beyond the physical body, and involves the spiritual body."

In a recently held women's-only service in Kearny, New Jersey, the Brazilian pastor gave lessons on how women can value themselves without compromising their own values simply to please men and the desires of the flesh. The preacher was clear that according to Biblical teachings, sex should only be "within marriage."

The director of the "Virgins Wanted" project is Australian. Justin Sisely has explained that the project has been a long time goal of his, and he originally had planned to hold the project in Las Vegas two years ago. However, because of the legal restrictions concerning prostitution there he was forced to move the idea back to his native Australia.

Twenty-year-old Migliorini signed up to work for the project with Sisely, and bids for her virginity have since reached $190,000. The project to sell the young woman's virginity will eventually be turned into a full-length documentary if Sisely's plans go ahead.

In previous statements, Migliorini has said she sees the project as a business transaction. She recently also announced that she plans to give a portion of the money raised by selling her virginity to charities in Santa Catarina state, in the southern part of Brazil.

Pastor Jaime Kemp, who has a Doctorate in Family Ministry, has previously expressed his indignation to The Christian Post about the matter, saying when he heard about the news it deeply saddened him.

"It is the use and abuse of the girl," he said to CP. "We are using and abusing a person or a group of people. It is sad!"

Kemp, originally from California, has written a book about the 20 consequences of premarital sex, which attempts to open the eyes of youth to the issues of sex, and to realize that there are serious consequences to their actions when it comes to sex.

The "Virgins Wanted" project has said that the "encounter" between Migliorini and the highest bidder would take place on a private flight from Australia to the United States, apparently to avoid prostitution laws.

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