Who's the Most Selfish: Liberals or Conservatives?

Let's face it. Man comes into this world as a selfish little baby. He wants his way all the time. And even when he starts to learn the importance of helping others, he still has the tendency to treat himself as the king of his world.

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Enter conservatives and liberals. They approach issues very differently, and yet with a common deficiency. Liberals and conservatives are not by nature loving toward those outside their group. They tend to view one another as the enemy. In fact, they see them as a big part of the world's problems.

That's not to say every liberal and every conservative has animosity toward the other side. You will find a number of gracious individuals at both ends of the philosophical spectrum. And yet even in the hearts of those gentle folks is more than just a dose of selfishness. They do things for their own reasons, and often their motives are a mixture of compassion and selfishness.

No matter how much man may progress in his desire to generously help others, he still has that "baby nature" within him. How many babies do you know who have the capacity to think of others first? It's not in man's nature to approach things that way.

Enter Jesus. He thought of others first. He gave His life for selfish conservatives and selfish liberals. He transcends politics and governments. He is the King of the universe. I guess all of us former babies better get used to that fact. Before we were created in the womb, we didn't exist. On the contrary, before Jesus was a baby in His human nature, He was already the eternal God.

As another political season gets into full swing, the selfishness of liberals and conservatives will once again be on display. And even those who try to stake out ground in the middle as independents must admit that they too have a strong selfish streak within them. We all do. It's our nature. We look out for #1. Meanwhile, Jesus was looking out for all of us when He willingly gave His life for our sins on the cross.

If you are a liberal, you know deep within your heart that you still think mostly about yourself. And that is equally true if you a conservative. Only the love of God poured into a human soul changes that selfish focus into one which is godly and pure. Ultimately, there is no lasting purity within man. It only comes from God. He alone is pure and without sin. He alone is perfect. The same cannot be said for liberals and conservatives.

So wherever you find yourself on the broad spectrum of social and political values, you have much in common with "those other people." Your heart is no purer. And if you view yourself as better than them, it's just one more indication of your lost condition and your need for personal salvation from the King.

By the way, no one voted Him into office. He was already in the top spot before any man ever aspired to a place of earthly prominence. And in so doing, man has tried every trick in the book to make himself look good, and make his opponents look bad. Such is the nature of politics. Such is the nature of man's selfish heart.

What would we do if we didn't have Jesus to rescue us from ourselves? I guess former babies are always in a battle with their baby instincts. Here is one final proof of that fact. If you are a conservative or a liberal, I suspect you began reading this article already convinced in your mind about who's the most selfish. True?

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.

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