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Cheerleader to Shave Head if $10,000 Raised for Leukemia Research

Cheerleader to Shave Head if $10,000 Raised for Leukemia Research

The Indianapolis Colts have a new look this season, after nearly every player shaved his head in solidarity with coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Now cheerleader Megan M. has offered to shave her own head if the Colts' mascot, "Blue" can raise $10,000 for leukemia research by November 25.

"Everyone knows someone who's been affected by cancer. I've had close friends who've passed away because of it, family members… and we've even had a couple girls on our squad who lost their father to cancer," Megan states in a video on the Colts' website.

What began as an innocent joke made by "Blue" on Twitter led to Megan's decision.

"ATTENTION @nflcoltscheer: If I raise $10,000 4 leukemia research, will a cheerleader let me shave her head at our next game?" the mascot initially tweeted.

"@BlueColtsMascot count me in! I'll do it I'm #ColtStrong," Megan replied.

Now the challenge is squarely on the shoulders of the popular mascot, who has just 11 days to raise the funds. Anyone wishing to donate to the campaign can do so through the Colts' website. As for Megan, she's not too worried about the outcome, no matter how it may end.

"Knowing that I [can be a source of] strength and inspiration for someone going through this – a young girl at Riley Hospital who doesn't think she's beautiful because she doesn't have hair… I want to raise money to eradicate the disease, and that's really what it's all about," Megan continued in the video.

Coach Pagano had been battling leukemia since being diagnosed months earlier. Thanks to treatment, his leukemia is now in remission but his hair is completely gone. The Colts players decided to show their support in a unique way, and every single player, except one, made the cut.

The players received their new looks after a practice and managed to post photos of the entire experience for their fans, who have offered their own support to the team. Even fans of other teams have posted their appreciation for what the young men have done.

"I'm a tried and true Giant fan… but I think there's room in my heart for these incredible men and their courageous coach. WTG COLTS!" posted Huffington Post reader Susan Bond.


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