Thursday, March 22, 2012
CP World Report: France Shooter Dies, Syria, North Korea, Tim Tebow

CP World Report: France Shooter Dies, Syria, North Korea, Tim Tebow

The standoff in France is over with the death of the suspect. 23 year suspect Mohammed Merah gunman who was allegedly behind an Al Qaeda killing spree that left 7 people dead reportedly jumped out of a window. He killed three schoolchildren and a rabbi outside a Jewish school. There were two separate incidents before that. Authorities said the shooter is a French citizen of Algerian descent and had been to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he claimed to have received training from Al Qaeda.

North Korean children are risking their lives to escape harsh conditions. The group "Release International" which also advocates for Persecuted Christians reported the case of a 13 year old North Korean boy who was recently found hiding in the mountains in freezing temperatures after escaping over the border. He had to have both his feet amputated. Security has been tightened along the North Korea China border since the death of Kim Jong Il where hundreds of thousands have been fleeing. Chinese and North Korean authorities are now working together to try to root out networks providing support for refugees fleeing into China.

The Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Matthew in Baghdad was one of the targets in a string of bombings, as Iraqi extremists conducted a series of attacks in several cities and towns across the country that killed at least 52 people . Over 30 bombs were detonated and at least 250 people were wounded. Persecution has reportedly led hundreds of thousands of Assyrian Christians to flee the country, and the remaining population is believed to be diminishing.

A Christian man demoted by employers over comments he made about gay marriage on his Facebook page has been told he cannot appeal to human rights arguments in his defence. Disciplinary action was taken against Adrian Smith, a housing manager at Trafford Housing Trust when he posted a disapproval of gay Church Marriages on his Facebook page, followed by a colleague who snitched on him. He was then demoted along with a 40 percent salary reduction. He appeared in Manchester County Court but District Judge Charles Khan ruled this morning that his legal challenge cannot rely on his human rights. Smith intends to continue with his legal challenge on the grounds of breach of contract by his employers.

And another Facebook story this one made headlines all over the continent: Justin Bassett got an unusual request at a job interview: to hand over his Facebook login info. He refused and withdrew his job application. He considered it a violation of privacy and immediately decided he didn't want to work with such a company. But the scenario isn't unprecedented. Many employers are turning to social networks to snoop for info on both potential and current employees. Not long ago a Canadian woman, Nathalie Blanchard lost her sick leave benefits after photos of herself on vacation surfaced on facebook.

A technology shocker: Nokia has filed a patent for a tattoo that would vibrate whenever someone tries to contact you. The tattoo would communicate with a cell phone like a Bluetooth, through magnetic waves. And just like picking different ring-tones for callers, users may be able to customize the tattoo to give off varying vibes for their contacts. And if you're not into tattoos, Nokia is also trying to patent a sticker version of the device. No word on when the so called "ring tone tattoo" will be available.


The Denver Broncos have traded the outspoken Christian quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. The move comes a day after Denver signed Peyton Manning. The acquisition of Tebow also comes after the Jets extended the contract of quarterback Mark Sanchez. According to ESPN the Jets will send a fourth-round draft pick to the Broncos for Tebow.

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