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Emily Blunt 5 Year Engagement: 'You Gotta Just Do It' (VIDEO)

Emily Blunt 5 Year Engagement: 'You Gotta Just Do It' (VIDEO)

"The Five Year Engagement" was released in theaters on Friday but according to leading actress Emily Blunt, that's a few years too many.

"The Five Year Engagement" starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt was released in theaters on Friday. While talking about the film to VH1, Blunt admitted that a 5-year engagement was nothing but trouble.

"You gotta crack the whip and get on with it, because you run into all kinds of trouble, like [our characters] do," Blunt said at the red-carpet premiere last week. "If you want to do it, you gotta just do it."

The movie tales the tell of two characters who become engaged and want to get married, but face constant challenges in life that prevents the wedding from happening. The comedy appears to be relatively predictable according to most, however the New York Times suggested, "predictability is part of the appeal."

Throughout the movie, once Blunt and Segel become engaged, a series of on going events slowly begin to challenge the couple's commitment. Overall, the movie appeared to hit on many of the prominent issues when it comes to love and life. According to the Times, when hitting on those topics, the film gets a job well done.

"The sensitivity and honesty with which it addresses those matters is a pleasant surprise," A.O. Scott said in the Time's movie review.

However all challenges aside, both Blunt and her co-actress Alison Brie agreed that the hardest part of making the marriage leap is popping the question. Once that has been accomplished, then you might as well take the leap, said Brie.

"I mean, look, I'm honestly not a super weddings-y type of person, but I do think that if you're going to take the step and propose and get engaged, that's the big leap there," the star said. "Then just get married! Follow it up!"


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