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Francis Chan's Daughter: Rachel Chan Album Review for 'Go'

Francis Chan's Daughter: Rachel Chan Album Review for 'Go'

Rachel Chan, daughter of bestselling author and world renowned evangelist Francis Chan, is making her own headlines with her first album Go, slated for release Jan. 10, 2012 under the EMI Christian Music Distribution. The Christian Post was given an advance copy for review.

Rachel Chan's Go is a wonderfully produced and beautifully recorded 10 song album that highlights a great singing voice and showcases a real gift for songwriting.

At just 15 years old, Chan has created songs that were filled with passion and lyricism for that of someone beyond their teenage years. However, she also manages to keep the songs youthful and relevant to peers which was something she felt was most important.

"I don't know why God chooses people," she said to The Christian Post when asked about writing the lyrics, but stated she gives glory to God, loves music, and does it for the Kingdom.

"I hope they are encouraged to be bold for Christ, and be serious and real about God."

A good portion of the songs are more on the mellow end with uptempo ones throughout to liven the pace. What was most impressive on these "softer" songs, was the range and the emotion Chan was able to draw out of her voice to give the song that extra push.

Musically this album was sound as well. The beats, keys, strings, and background vocals, claps and noises dispersed throughout added a great deal, and were top notch, which is to be expected of producer Dave Lubben who has worked with some of Christian music's biggest names.

The album opens big with "As Close," which although not a super uptempo introduction to the album, it is catchy pop, and is probably the track where Chan exudes the most confidence in her voice as she flexes a little bit of "swagger" in her vocal chords.

"Prove It" is the first single off the album and definitely the most mainstream sounding song on the album.

This upbeat track speaks of boys trying to "woo" her, and having to pass the "dad test," and speaking of dads, he makes an appearance on the track.

Francis Chan adds a small rap verse (spoken word), to the bridge portion of the song where he warns boys that the only way to win his daughter is to love her like he does.

The key aspect of the song is to portray the love of a father both here on Earth and spiritually. The budding singer described the song as a metaphor for the love of God and how He takes care of us.

The next track, "Even Here," is a soft ballad with a powerful message, "Even Here I Bring You Joy," referring to God being the reason for everything. The song is truly a stand out on the album because of the vocals and the great light keys in the background.

The following track is "Show Me More." It is a soft worship sounding song that talks about the power of God entering the room. She displays very good range as she sings, and sounds like what she is singing – "Will I stand in Awe?"

"You Must Love Me" has a bluesy, old timey feel that serves as a throwback love song, mixing up the surrounding tracks well.

The next track, "Still Singing," begins to break out of the lighter two songs and moves to a mid-tempo pace. Musically, it has an almost country like feel to it, yet she is not singing with a southern "twang" to her voice. It provides an interesting dynamic to the song.

"Lame" is reminiscent of young Avril Lavigne or even Kimya Dawson. It is a fun song where she quickly jabs out mundane things she does not like or condemns bad behaviors as being "lame." The singing rap like style she uses on the song really sets the song apart from anything else on Go.

The chorus is sung and also provides a positive message, "I'm not holier than you, I just can't stand these things we do."

"Ready and Waiting" describes a longing for God as we must dedicate ourselves to be a faithful servant. Lyrically, it is her deepest song, and features a strong worship chorus.

"You make me happy, you take all my cares away...Your love completes me" are some of the powerful words on the track, "You and Your Love," which displays a more mature side of the young singer.

The last track, "Resting in You," is a perfect closer for the album as the song switches tempos throughout and proclaims "I Need You," referring to Jesus.

Overall the album is solid with no real filler songs mixed throughout. Chan displays to skill of an artist who has done this before, except this is only her debut. Her sound is that of a young Avril Lavigne or Rachael Lampa, with a bold singing voice and some attitude in vocals. The album is sure to do well, and most importantly reach the youth she intends to minister too.

"Be bold in your faith and give all glory to Jesus. Don't be scared, the greatest witness we have is our lifestyle. Don't bury your talent," she said to The Christian Post.

"Young people are at a lack of role models who are following Christ. By listening to the CD it's not just words and tune. Don't be lukewarm."

Review: 4/5



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