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iPhone 5 (PRO) Concept Displays 4.5-Inch Screen

iPhone 5 (PRO) Concept Displays 4.5-Inch Screen

A new concept created for the next-generation Apple smartphone titled iPhone PRO has surfaced and it displays the device with a 4.5-inch display.

It was created by designer Choi Jinyoung, who also included a 1.2-megapixel 3D camera, mount for DSLR lenses, a removable hard disk, and a built-in projector system in his proposed design for the sixth-generation iPhone.

There is a full gallery of images for the concept here.

Jinyoung's design looks similar to the current look of the iPhone 4S, however the screen size has been increased to 4.5-inches making it look like a cross between the Galaxy S2 and iPhone.

Apple's plans for the iPhone 5 have not yet been revealed.

There seems to be many conflicting rumors regarding the device's display with some sources claiming that Apple will stick with the signature 3.5-inch screen that is on the iPhone 4/4S or that it will choose to go with a larger display over four inches in order to compete with Android devices.

The concept also displays a camera attachment that turns the smartphone into a top-of-the-line point and shooter. It appears to be geared towards photographers.

It also has a projector feature that has appeared in other concepts for the next generation iPhone. This would allow users to project video on any flat surface using the device.

The new iPhone is expected to launch sometime around the summer of 2012. The two rumored names for the device are "the new iPhone" or the iPhone 5.

With the release of the third generation Apple tablet, the new iPad, it is believed by many insiders that Apple will brand the smartphone in the same manner.

Other rumored features for the device include 4G LTE, an HD Retina display, NFC (near-field communications) and wireless charging.