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Kid Rock Hands Out Gifts To Needy in Detroit

Kid Rock Hands Out Gifts To Needy in Detroit

Kid Rock has handed hundreds of gift certificates and gift baskets to underprivileged families in his hometown of Detroit on Wednesday.

Hartford Memorial Baptist Church joined the Kid Rock Foundation, the rock star’s nonprofit organization, to distribute 100 gift certificates for retail and grocery stores, and over 300 gift baskets to some of Detroit’s needy.

“In these financially stressful times our church is being called upon as never before and we are doing our best to meet the need. The gift cards from the Kid Rock Foundation helps provide a lifeline to the many who are seeking our help,” said Pastor Charles G. Adams of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in a statement to The Christian Post.

“To date we have distributed over 1,000 grocery bags and turkeys this holiday season and toys and gifts for 300 children. Calls are still coming in and we are grateful to the Kid Rock Foundation for aiding our overall effort to meet requests for assistance. Thank God for this season of giving and for sending his son, Jesus Christ, the greatest Gift of all,” Pastor Adams added.

In late August, debt-ridden Highland, Mich., began taking out two-thirds of the light poles because it could no longer afford the electricity every month. Lights within residents’ homes now illuminate the streets.

In order to manage their $4 million electric bill that required $60,000 monthly payments, Mayor Hubert Yopp requested the City Council consider reducing lighting. Council members reluctantly agreed. Highland is $58 million in debt and currently has more people than jobs.

"We knew it was going to hurt," Councilman Christopher Woodard said in a statement. "We're all hurting."

Kid Rock, born Robert James Ritchie, was born in Romeo, Michigan. His father was a car dealer who owned several local dealerships in Detroit. Kid Rock, 40, still lives in suburban Detroit. Goodfellows Detroit and the NAACP's Detroit branch honored Rock’s Foundation this year for its philanthropic work.