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'Shameless' Season 9 News: Isidora Goreshter Exits Showtime Comedy

'Shameless' Season 9 News: Isidora Goreshter Exits Showtime Comedy

Promotional image for "Shameless." | (Photo: Facebook/ShamelessOnShowtime)

"Shameless" has officially lost one of its regular cast members.

Isidora Goreshter will no longer be reprising her role as Svetlana in season 9, the actress confirmed via Instagram Monday. While the reason for her exit is unclear, she did offer a heartfelt farewell message to the show's creator, producers and her co-stars. She also thanked fans who have been following her on the show since season three.

"And the fans — my god are you a passionate bunch," she wrote. "And i f---ing love you. If it weren't for you lot there would be no shameless. Even though my time on this show has come to an end, i can't wait to share all of the amazing things coming up in the future with you all."

Season 8 wrapped up with Ian (Cameron Monaghan) getting arrested as a result of his religious rebellion. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Sierra (Ruby Modine) call it quits, and he decides to take in Eddie's (Levy Tran) abandoned niece Xan (Scarlet Spencer). Frank (William H. Macy) comes back to a life of crime, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) goes back to military school while Fiona (Emmy Rossum) wins the standoff with her squatters.

"Shameless" is now closer to its 10th year, which leaves fans wondering if an end is already in sight for the long-running comedy. While nothing is set in stone yet, producer Nancy Pimental recently said they have come up with some ideas about how the show might end.

"We have end game ideas, like a couple little things, for once we know it's the official end," she explained. For now, they are just letting the stories flow and allowing the characters to "kind of inform us of where they want to go."

When asked if she feels the series has a few more years left to it, Pimental said it's all up to the network. "If Showtime is still as happy as they seem to continue to be, then yeah, I'm happy to keep going," she added.

"Shameless" season 9 is expected to premiere later this year on Showtime.


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