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Singer Sues McDonalds: Gospel Singer Claims Glass in Chicken Sandwich Ruined Her Vocal Chords

Singer Sues McDonalds: Gospel Singer Claims Glass in Chicken Sandwich Ruined Her Vocal Chords

Customers enter a McDonald's restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday, July 28, 2008. | (Photo: AP Images / Matt Sayles)

A singer is suing McDonald's after she swallowed a piece of glass that was inside her chicken sandwich, according to reports.

Gospel singer, Jacqueline Simpson, has claimed that she bought a meal from the fast food restaurant in 2010, but that as she was eating her chicken sandwich from the chain she encountered a small shard of glass. However, by the time she noticed, it was too late and she had already swallowed the piece of glass.

She has since claimed that the incident has left her vocal chords impaired, and that her voice has ultimately been destroyed by the adverse affects she encountered from swallowing the piece of glass.

Simpson has now decided to file a lawsuit against McDonald's and is looking for damages for her ruined singing career. She reportedly filed the lawsuit in Brooklyn last week.

The singer has told Business Insider that the change to her voice was almost immediate, and she says that since the incident some people do not even recognize her voice on the phone, instead mistaking her for a male.

Simpson has said to the New York Post: "Now when I sing, I have a hoarse, rattly voice. I still sing alto, but I can't sing soprano like I used to."

She added, "I have to make a lot of calls for work, and I have to tell people that I'm not a man. Before, that never happened."

It is unclear what amount in damages the woman is hoping to receive from her lawsuit.

McDonald's has not responded publicly to the claims and the lawsuit at this time. However, the franchise is no stranger to lawsuits, and has been sued many times by customers for various reasons over the years.

Just last month a judge finalized a $700,000 settlement between McDonald's and members of Michigan's Muslim community over a lawsuit that claimed one suburban Detroit restaurant falsely advertised its food as prepared according to Islamic law.


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