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'The Fosters' Season 4B Spoilers, Air Date & Updates: Production for New Episodes Starts Rolling [PHOTOS] – What to Expect When Freeform Family Drama Returns

'The Fosters' Season 4B Spoilers, Air Date & Updates: Production for New Episodes Starts Rolling [PHOTOS] – What to Expect When Freeform Family Drama Returns

The Fosters | FACEBOOK/The Fosters

Cameras have officially started rolling for the remaining episodes of "The Fosters" Season 4. The people behind the hit Freeform family drama recently updated avid viewers about the progress of the show as filming gets underway.

Season 4B Production Kicks Off

Creator and executive producer Bradley Bredeweg announced on Twitter that the production for "The Fosters" Season 4B has kicked off on Sept. 26. He teased fans by posting several photos from the production set of the LGBT-themed family drama.

Moreover, Rob Morrow, who is set to direct the first two episodes of Season 4B, tweeted a photo of the cast on their first table read. The photo clearly showed a script with the title "Insult to Injury."

As previously reported, Morrow shared early this month that Episode 11 will come with the title "Insult Injury." The latest tweet from the director unveiled that they modified the title of Season 4B's pilot episode into "Insult to Injury."

What to Expect

The upcoming episodes are expected to clarify the crazy cliffhangers from "Collateral Damage," the summer finale of "The Fosters" Season 4 that aired on Aug. 29. The tenth episode placed almost every member of the Adams-Foster family in great danger.

The last scenes of the summer finale saw Jesus (Noah Centineo) collapsing after Nick (Louis Hunter) landed a solid punch on his forehead. Callie (Maia Mitchell) was on the brink of getting murdered after she found herself trapped in a car with the possible true killer of Mrs. Johnson.

Episode 10 also showed Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) dealing with various issues including her mounting school problems, her ADHD drug addiction and Nick's creepy return. On the other hand, Brandon's (David Lambert) dreams of Julliard crumbled after the college board discovered that he cheated on his SAT.


"The Fosters" Season 4B will return in spring 2017 but Freeform has not yet confirmed the official premiere date. Executive producer Peter Paige told EW that the remaining episodes of the fourth season will bring resolutions to the troubled members of the Adams-Foster family.

Paige said that there is hope for the Adams-Foster siblings who are in great danger. He teased that the characters will surely find a way to recover from the incredibly difficult situations. He hinted that Mariana and Brandon will continue to suffer the consequences of their past actions while learning their lessons.

Paige also told TVLine that Callie is smart and resourceful, and she will surely figure out something to save herself from the murderer. Moreover, he shared to TV Guide that Jesus will not die from Nick's punch, but he will become a changed person after the incident.


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