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'The Fosters' Season 4B Spoilers & Updates: Freeform Family Drama to Resurrect the Complicated Brandon-Callie Romance?

'The Fosters' Season 4B Spoilers & Updates: Freeform Family Drama to Resurrect the Complicated Brandon-Callie Romance?

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The respective complicated romantic relationships of the Adams-Foster kids are among the important storylines of "The Fosters" that engaged viewers for several years now. Will the Freeform drama's Season 4B shake things up for Brandon (David Lambert) and Callie (Maia Mitchell) to resurrect the "Brallie" romance?

Summer Finale Breakups

The summer finale of "The Fosters" Season 4 left with both Brandon and Callie facing woes in their respective relationships. Callie and her boyfriend AJ (Tom Williamson) broke up after a jealousy-fueled fight due to Callie's close friendship with Aaron (Elliot Fletcher).

On the other hand, Brandon is on the verge of losing Cortney (Denyse Tontz) along with his dreams of Julliard. While auditioning in New York, the eldest Foster child decided to write a breakup letter for Cortney so that he can focus on achieving his dreams. The upcoming episodes of Season 4B will see how Cortney will react to the breakup letter.

'Brallie' Romance to be Resurrected?

It can be recalled that the "Brallie" romance is among the highlights of the past seasons. The final episode of the third installment revealed Callie's long hidden secret that she had sex with Brandon. Since Season 4 premiered, the complicated relationship between the adopted siblings was not anymore tackled.

With Callie and Brandon breaking up with their respective partners in Season 4's summer finale, there are speculations that the "Brallie" romance might be resurrected. According to CarterMatt, there is a big possibility that the writers will bring back the "Brallie" storyline considering that it is among the popular love angles in the hit Freeform family drama.

CarterMatt noted that although Brandon and Callie are adopted siblings, they make a good couple. They are equally ambitious characters who understand each other.

No Clue

Executive producer Peter Paige did not give any hint in his past interviews that Season 4B will rekindle the Brandon-Callie romance. He shared to TVLine that AJ and Callie will have the chance of saving their relationship in the remaining episodes of the fourth season. He added that the breakups during the summer finale of "The Fosters" Season 4 only depict the challenges of being in a relationship.

Paige also teased that the pilot episode of Season 4B will give resolution to the vague status of the Brandon-Cortney relationship. He did not spill further details about the relationship drama but he implied that Brandon will suffer the consequences of his past decisions.

Season 4B of "The Fosters" will return to Freeform early next year with the pilot episode "Insult to Injury."


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