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'The Man in the High Castle' Season 2 Spoilers & Updates: New York Comic Con Trailer Shows Juliana Crain's Changes, Struggles to Survive [WATCH]

'The Man in the High Castle' Season 2 Spoilers & Updates: New York Comic Con Trailer Shows Juliana Crain's Changes, Struggles to Survive [WATCH]

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Fans can expect that the events in the dystopian Nazi hellscape will not get any better when "The Man in the High Castle" Season 2 returns to Amazon Video this December. The alternate history drama's new trailer and clips hints that the sophomore installment will revolve around political asylum, betrayal and shifting loyalties. It also highlights Juliana Crain's struggles to survive.

At the New York Comic Con

EW reported that the cast and crew of the Emmy-winning Amazon series dropped a new Season 2 trailer, as well as three clips at the New York Comic Con on Saturday. Stars Alexa Davalos (Juliana), Rufus Sewell (Obergruppenführer John Smith), Brennan Brown (Robert Childan), and D.J. Qualls (Ed McCarthy) graced the show's panel, along with executive producer David W. Zucker.

The high-octane trailer continues to show the parallel reality where the Third Reich triumphed during the World War II. It shows the Nazis' dominating force as reflected by commercial airplanes, towering cities and even Marilyn Monroe singing a "Happy Birthday" to the Führer. It also features Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) contemplating to resign and John Smith haunted by his own guilty conscience.

Juliana's Fate

In addition to the trailer, the panel showed a clip featuring Juliana being interrogated by John Smith and the members of the American Reich. Per Deadline, Davalos told the audience that the upcoming season will see a different Juliana.

The lead actress noted that her character will find herself in the worst possible situation and will be forced to be a chameleon in order to survive. She stressed that Juliana will seek out asylum in the Nazi-controlled part of America.

More Spoilers

Aside from Juliana's interrogation scene, two more clips were showed during the panel. A clip showing Frank Frink and Robert Childen having a painful meeting got fans excited. The other clip featured Ed McCarthy suffering the consequences of an interrogation by the ruthless Chief Inspector Kido (Joel de la Fuente).

According to the Verge, Sewell shared to the audience that his character John Smith will face some big challenges in the upcoming season. He said that the SS Obergruppenführer will be torn between his responsibilities and the safety of his family.

Moreover, Qualls stated that Ed McCarthy will suffer the consequences after the character confessed to killing the Prince. He added that the consequences will compromise his relationship with his co-worker and friend, Frank.

All 10 episodes of "The Man in the High Castle" Season 2 will stream on Amazon on Dec. 16.


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