Thursday, February 14, 2013
Tierra LiCausi, Ousted 'Bachelor' Contestant, Engaged to Ex-Boyfriend

Tierra LiCausi, Ousted 'Bachelor' Contestant, Engaged to Ex-Boyfriend

Tierra LiCausi was just let go by "Bachelor" Sean Lowe, but another man has reportedly swept her off her feet. LiCausi's brother, Tyler, has revealed that she is engaged to a former boyfriend.

"It's someone she had been seeing before the show. They've known each other three or four years and have been dating most of that time. They were even living together in Vegas and Tierra was, at one point, working for his family's business," Tyler told

"Unfortunately they had a bad breakup. When he found out she was filming 'The Bachelor,' he did everything he could to try to get to her. He even called ABC to find out where she was filming so he could fly there. He was literally on his way to St. Croix the day he finally reached her. It turns out, that was the exact same day Sean let her go," Tyler explained.

The two reunited in Tierra's home of Colorado and have been together ever since. In fact, the man, whose name Tyler refused to reveal "just yet" proposed last month and moved in with Tierra.

"We're really happy it all worked out. We like him a lot and we just want Tierra to be happy," Tyler added.

Tierra caused quite a stir on this season of the "Bachelor" and was dubbed the "villain" of the series. When she told Lowe she felt he was being distant with her during a one-on-one date, he decided to send her home before that night's rose ceremony. The rest of the women in the house were thrilled with his decision, but Tierra left the show in tears.

"She's pretty upset about how ABC edited her but she stays off the Internet," Tyler told Us Weekly. "She doesn't read the blogs; Tierra says she kept to herself most of the time and was just there to see what was up with her and Sean, not to make friends."