Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Venezuelan Actress Attacks Sean Penn at LAX, Calls Him a 'Communist'

Venezuelan Actress Attacks Sean Penn at LAX, Calls Him a 'Communist'

Sean Penn reportedly got into a heated argument with his former co-star Maria Conchita Alonso at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday.

Alonso was at LAX to pick up her mother from a Miami flight when she spotted actor Sean Penn at a baggage claim. According to reports, she previously had a problem with Penn for supporting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

In a letter to Penn, Alonso criticized Penn’s relationship with Chavez. She also blasted him on the Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL.

Naturally, when she confronted Penn about his actions, he reacted in a hostile manner.

“Oh, it’s you. I have nothing to say to you. You speak badly about me,” Penn said.

Alonso claimed she remained calm, saying she just wanted to talk to Penn. She went on to question his relationship with Chavez, asking him how he could call Chavez a good man, which she thought made little sense.

“How can you do that,” she asked Penn.

Things escalated from then. Alonso says Penn called her a pig and she shot back, calling him a Communist. The Venezuelan born actress, who shared the screen with Penn in the 1988 movie “Colors”, said she was so angry that she “exploded” as her mother watched on.

“I was so angry and I had all this built inside me for so many years, and he calls me a pig. I just exploded. My mother was so happy, she wanted to clap,” proclaimed Alonso.

She later said that she was wrong for insulting Penn on the radio show, which she later apologized for. However, she would not retract her comments towards him in LAX.

“I’m not apologizing for calling him a Communist, because that’s what he is,” she said.

While Alonso was candid about the incident, Penn denounced her when talking to The New York Post about the incident.

“I only knew that a hostile woman was nonsensically berating me,” he told The Post. “I didn’t realize it was that actress.”

He later said that she was uninformed and impolite to other passengers.


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