'Westworld' Latest News, Spoilers and Update: 5 Reasons Why You Need to See the Newest HBO Sci-Fi Thriller

With the amount of money HBO poured in for "Westworld," the network is staking a lot on the show and this makes "Westworld" worth a try

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The "Westworld" brings to life a futuristic amusement park where people have found a haven to satisfy even their darkest desires. But, can this HBO's latest investment that costs them an arm and leg finally deliver where "Vinyl" fell short?

Here are some reasons why the upcoming drama and sci-fi thriller is a must-see.

An Exciting Plot to Entice Viewers

Imagine a theme-park where you can indulge in the services of lifelike robots and have them at your disposal. Ask them to do something for you with no holds barred, just whatever takes your fancy.

The appetite of these pleasure seekers, like hedonists and sadists alike, are satiated with these androids performing lascivious and gruesome acts for their temporary masters.

But, with the men uncurbed and allowed to do anything at will, then you know something bad is bound to happen along the way--- you ask the "Lord of the Flies" boys. Just you wait until the robots go berserk and get back at the humans. Now, that's pretty exciting, right?

Anthony Hopkins in Another Thriller

Just to see Dr. Hannibal Lecter himself perform in yet another spine-chilling creation is reason enough. Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins ("The Silence of the Lambs") leads the cast of this 2016 reboot, which will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. via HBO.

Also part of the show are Ed Harris ("A Beautiful Mind"), Thandie Newton ("Mission: Impossible II"), Evan Rachel Wood ("Across the Universe"), and James Marsden ("X-Men").

A Worthy "Game of Thrones" Replacement?

The "Game of Thrones" is about to come to an end. And, just as much as HBO needs another TV hit series to indemnify their hold as one of the biggest offeror of quality programming with phenomenal success, the legions of fans of the GoT are also in need of a new show to fill the void.

With the amount of money HBO poured in for "Westworld," the network is staking a lot on the show and this makes "Westworld" worth a try, especially, for all the GoT fans already feeling the separation anxiety.

Critics Are Giving it a Rave

While it's refreshing to hear your close pal or buddies throw in their two cents about your favorite show, it's not unwise to hear it from critics, as well, and see what they have to say. Afterall, these pundits have made a living out of appraising someone else's work, albeit unsolicitedly for the most part.

And, "Westworld" is getting the votes of confidence from a lot of critics around the web. For one, IGN was convinced that the show has made quite an impression, judging its pilot episode.

"From its standout cast to its excellent visuals to one hell of a hummable score by the great Ramin Djawadi (the composer of Game of Thrones and Person of Interest), this is top-notch television in every respect," wrote  the publication.

It Could be Television's Next Big Thing

The intriguing storyline with all the provoking and exciting scenes, including its sexual and violent content, that has been an integral part of the success of shows like the GoT and "The Walking Dead," makes for an interesting conversation. And, you don't want to get left behind if ever the series turns out to be another big hit.

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