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Xbox One Release Date: Microsoft Already Sold Out at Best Buy

Xbox One Release Date: Microsoft Already Sold Out at Best Buy

The Xbox One is already sold out online at Best Buy retailers, and the company is no longer accepting pre-orders until they are able to figure out how many they will have in stock.

Forbes says Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Gamestop still have the console in stock but the "Day One" edition is sold out on Amazon already.

PS4 has already sold out at Gamestop stores, and Forbes said it would not be a shock if on release day no actual units hit shelves because they were all purchased online.

Although the PS4 is winning big on "points" from their impressive display at E3, early pre-orders show the Xbox is not too far behind. Overall, the success of the console lies in the numbers in the long haul. Wii U sold out on launch, but the console will not come anywhere near what Sony and Microsoft will do.

Recently Xbox One executive Albert Penello made comments that PS4's graphics numbers were "meaningless" when told the PS4 was a superior to his console.

"The problem is that Sony decided to go out and publish a bunch of numbers, which are in some ways meaningless. Because this isn't like 1990, when it was 16-bit versus 32-bit," said Penello. "As a matter of fact, they actually go out and they talk about how proud they are about their off-the-shelf parts."

The product-planning boss recanted his statements in an effort to cover his skin from the backlash of the media, who felt he took cheap shots at Playstation.

"I'm not diminishing Sony's performance claims and I wasn't trying to be arrogant or dismissive," Penello wrote in a NeoGAF thread. "What I was trying to say is, I'm not Sony's engineering team. So I can't comment on what they have published as specs."

He then complimented the PS4 and Xbox One for their next generation graphics and technology.

"The guys who are building these machines on both sides are unbelievably talented and experts in their field. Nobody knows the specifics of how the machines are architected or if there may be bottlenecks in one system or accelerators in another that change the impact of the published specs," he said.

"What I believe is that our games are going to be great and they are going to look next-gen, and I think E3 sort of showed that. And great games are what matters," he added, which went along with similar statements he made talking about letting the games for the consoles speak for themselves.

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