Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

E.U. Toughen Sanctions Against Mugabe; U.S. Waiting

The European Union decided Tuesday to toughen sanctions against Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to pressure him into sharing power with the opposition as the two rival parties prepared to discuss the possibility of a coalition government.

Anglican Head: God Doesn't Need Violent Protection

An eternal God does not need to be defended using human violence, said the Archbishop of Canterbury this week in response to a letter by Muslim leaders and scholars. Dr. Rowan Williams was referring to Christian-Muslim relations as he responded to a historic letter.

Major Interfaith Conference Urges Anti-Terrorism Pact

Religious leaders at the historic Saudi-organized interfaith conference that ended Friday called for an international pact to combat terrorism. They asked the U.N. General Assembly to call a special session to help foster dialogue between "followers of religions, civilizations and cultures" and prevent "a clash of civilizations."

Saudi King Says Religion Not at Fault, but Extremism

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia said Wednesday at the start of an interfaith conference that religion should not be blamed for history's conflict, but rather extremism. "My brothers, we must tell the world that differences don't need to lead to disputes," Abdullah said.

McCain Opposes Gay Adoption; Respects States' Decision

Senator John McCain said he opposes allowing gay couples to adopt children, but his campaign clarified Tuesday that the Republican presidential candidate believes the issue should be left to states to decide following criticisms from gay rights groups.

Zimbabwe Christian Leaders Say Situation Deteriorating

The heads of Christian bodies in Zimbabwe voiced their "deep concern" this week over the country's continuous downward spiral following the disputed national elections. Church leaders lamented that the political, security, economic and human rights situation are all deteriorating.

Bush Vows to Push China to Honor Religious Freedom

President Bush pledged to maintain pressure on China for its religious freedom violations in his speech Monday in honor of the 10th anniversary of the International Religious Freedom Act. "We remember those seeking religious freedom in China."

Billion Prayer Campaign to End Extreme Poverty

An ambitious prayer campaign is counting 1 billion prayers to end extreme poverty. The Billion Prayer March is collecting prayers, each of which will represent a person living in extreme poverty in the world, according to

World's Richest Nations Vow to Halve Carbon Emissions

The eight richest nations pledged Tuesday to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050. It marked the first time Group of Eight member the United States, under the Bush administration, has publicly agreed to an explicit long-term carbon cut target.

Egypt's Christian-Muslim Gap Growing Bigger

The divide between Egypt's Coptic Christian community and the Muslim majority is growing bigger as an increasing number of Christians are cutting ties with Muslim neighbors and turning to the Church for all their social needs.