College and the decline of American men

Still, for men, who represent 71 percent of those abandoning higher education, return on investment is extra low. Not only are they overpaying for college, but at many schools they can expect to be consistently berated for things they have no control over, like for their ethnicity, or for simply being men. 



'Unmasking’ critical race theory

After this week's column it would be wise for Bill to employ a food taster at Capitol Hill receptions and D.C. dinner parties. Why? It is quite simple – he has told the truth to the progressive elites, and they often react viscerally and violently to such effrontery.

Re-imaging America: Prophecy of people group against people group (pt 2)

Further, extremists on both sides of the socio-cultural divide are ready with ideological torch in hand to ignite the old prejudices and conflicts that once set the nation itself ablaze. One of the firebrands presently generating heat is critical race theory.

Stirring up the crowd: Jesus' time and today

It was the same back in Jesus’ day. His enemies didn’t have Twitter or other social media vehicles to instantly demonize a person so they had to do it the old fashioned way.

Proud to be American? Why grateful is a better word

For me, and for millions of Christians, being an American is a divinely bestowed blessing. Being born an American is like being born on third base in the great scheme of things and being proud of it is like being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple. No, we among all humanity, are the most fortunate of people, to have been, in the providence of God, born “American.”

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  • Political hypocrisy, the war on churches and COVID

    The most recent example of mind-blowing hypocrisy goes one step further. The very same week that the Biden administration announced a massive vaccine mandate, Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that immigrants pouring through our borders did not need to be vaccinated. Can anyone possibly explain the rationale behind this? Anyone?

  • 12 traits of churches doing well during the pandemic

    So, what are these churches doing? As I examined the data and traits of healthy churches, I saw twelve recurring themes. To be clear, many churches are doing some of these items, but the churches I examined are doing all twelve items.

  • Protestant modernism’s end

    Spong insisted Christianity must reject the supernatural or die. But his own modernist school of thought has mostly died. Even Protestant liberalism has moved on. And “fundamentalism” as he would define orthodox Christianity is surging globally among people and cultures he would deem primitive.

  • 95,000 Afghan refugees may come to the US. How will Christians help?

    We haven’t seen anything like this since the end of the Vietnam War. While government agencies work around the clock and refugee care organizations rapidly retool, many American Christians may be asking “What in the world?!” and “How can we help?”

  • How should Canadian conservatives vote in this election?

    If you want Trudeau to lose, vote for the Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party. However, if you want Trudeau’s ideas to lose — then vote for Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party.

  • We have to do more than prevent abortions

    The problem we have to face as a culture isn’t just that so many mothers are getting abortions; it’s that so many women believe that abortion is the necessary and appropriate answer to their fears, doubts, confusion, or uncertainty regarding their pregnancy.

  • 3 things to remember when communicating about money

    Often the disconnect that happens during these offering moments is driven by a lack of clarity of what someone in the pew is actually giving to. It’s not that people don’t want to give, it’s that they don’t have a clear understanding of where the money is going and how the church will spend it. 

  • The UK is at a crossroads of conscience concerning assisted suicide

    A bill proposed in the Scottish Parliament would legalize physician-assisted suicide, adding Scotland to a growing list of countries that allow the practice. What the Scottish Parliament eventually decides to do with the bill will reveal something about the conscience of the nation. Will Scots choose to tell their fellow man their lives are worth living, or not?