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10 Notable Christian Deaths in 2017

10 Notable Christian Deaths in 2017

Anna Hayford – March 8

Anna Hayford, 83, the late wife of Jack Hayford died peacefully on March 8, 2017 after battling stage four pancreatic cancer. | (Photo: Church on the Way)

Anna Hayford, wife of former senior pastor Jack Hayford of The Church on the Way,  died from pancreatic cancer at age 83.

Alongside her husband, Anna pastored at the California-based Church on the Way for over 30 years, seeing the congregation grow to approximately 10,000 members.

"Anna, who is a strong woman in her faith, was gracious and hospitable, and loved and admired by everyone," stated the church.

"Often referred to as a gentle strength alongside her husband, she was a formidable leader in her own right with a ministry that touched the lives of thousands."

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