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Why Trump Critics Like Me Should Still Have Hope

Why Trump Critics Like Me Should Still Have Hope

Julie Roys is host of a national talk show on the Moody Radio Network called "Up For Debate.”

I actually teared up on election night. Given the concerns I raised about Donald Trump during the campaign, one might think I was crying tears of sadness. But I wasn't. I was crying tears of sheer relief.

This isn't to say I shed my concerns about Trump. I still have concerns. And I'm still appalled by some of the things he's said about women, immigrants, and the handicapped. But the relief I felt on election night was palpable.

I thought a Hillary presidency was a foregone conclusion and I had steadied myself for the disaster that was about to unfold. What was left of our healthcare system would soon be obliterated; our freedoms trampled; and abortion permanently entrenched as the law of the land. But now, a political stop-gap was being offered.

Trump — someone who promised to put pro-life justices on the Supreme Court, repeal Obamacare, and create a pro-growth, pro-business environment — was going to occupy the highest office in the country. And he'd have a Republican House and Senate to back him. I didn't know if I could trust his promises. But I saw hope in the political process for the first time in eight long years. I feel that hope today as Donald Trump is inaugurated as our 45th President.

Trump has a golden opportunity to save this country from further decline. The Left has been trying to remake the American Republic into a godless, socialist state. And it almost succeeded — and still will if the church can't successfully reform the culture.

But Donald Trump has the power to at least restrain the liberal agenda from advancing and to restore government to its original, limited role. And he can protect freedom, unleashing the creative genius of the American people, and allowing the church to do its job without government interference.

Given his knack for disrupting the Washington elites, Trump can once again make the government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." We have not had a populist president quite like Trump ever. And my hope and prayer is that he will be wildly successful, and prove one-time naysayers like me to be completely wrong.

But to do so, he doesn't just need a great platform, or a tremendous amount of chutzpah. He certainly has that — and it's served him well. But Trump pledged on the campaign trail "to be a better man tomorrow." Well, tomorrow is here. And America will not be great again until it's good again. Our nation desperately needs a man of integrity in the Oval Office — one who cherishes God's law, keeps his promises, and treats all people with dignity and respect.

I was heartened to hear Trump last night pledge to unify our country and "to make America great for all our people — everyone." That "everyone" includes immigrants and minorities. Though I believe it's important to secure our borders, and to enforce our laws, we must be gracious in both our speech and actions toward those who immigrated here from other countries. After all, God said in Leviticus to treat the "foreigner residing among you . . . as your native-born. Love them as yourself."

So Trump can build a wall. And, he can stop immigration from countries where Islamic militancy is rampant until a better system of vetting is secured. That's just common sense protection. But immigrants — not just illegal ones, but legal ones, as well — are scared right now. And Trump needs to reach out to the immigrant community — let them know that they're welcome and that he cares about their plight.

Trump also needs to show right away that he's serious about protecting another vulnerable group — the unborn. That starts with restoring the Mexico City Policy, which President Obama rescinded just three days after taking office. The policy prevents taxpayer dollars from funding international groups that perform or promote abortion, and it's crucial that it be restored immediately.

Trump should also defund the United Nations Population Fund, which provides for coercive abortion practices overseas. And he should encourage Congress to send him a bill defunding Planned Parenthood immediately.

But beyond these important governing actions and many more, including repealing Obamacare, President Donald Trump needs to call on God for help. I have appreciated Trump's disposition towards the Christian community over the course of the campaign. And I am grateful for his church background, however scant.

Yet it's time Donald Trump gets more familiar with his God and the Bible he says he loves.

George Washington claimed, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

Similarly, Scripture says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."

The responsibility of governing this great land is too awesome for any person to do without divine assistance. Donald Trump needs God's help and I pray he will seek it. And I, for my part, will pray for Donald Trump. May God bless him and guide him, and bring renewal to America.

Julie Roys is a speaker, freelance journalist and blogger at She also is the host of a national radio program on the Moody Radio Network called, Up For Debate. Julie and her husband live in the Chicago suburbs and have three children