Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Philadelphia Eagles' DT Recovers From Seizure at Training Camp

Philadelphia Eagles' DT Recovers From Seizure at Training Camp

Mike Patterson, defensive tackle for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, collapsed and suffered convulsions Wednesday morning after performing drills on the seventh day of training camp.

According to NFL networks, Patterson was shaking violently on the ground before being tended to be team trainer Rick Burkholder and teammate, Danny Watkins. An ambulance arrived soon after to take Patterson, 27, to the local Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Watkins, rookie offensive lineman and firefighter that came to Patterson’s aid, described the situation as difficult to deal with.

“It’s difficult for me, because you see that, and you want to go out there and help right away,” said Watkins, who was practicing for the first time with the team, according to Comcast Sports Network in Philadelphia Reports. “You know those guys are trained professionals. I was helping where I could. They’re a knowledgeable staff, they know what they’re doing.”

Andy Reid, Eagles Coach, united with his players to shield Patterson from the sun upon his collapse. The group began to pray for their teammate, according to CSN.

Reid said the team’s trainer made the situation easier to deal with for the group.

“We were all on edge a little bit,” Reid said according to CSN. “Rich just kind of calmed the situation down. One thing I thought he did a phenomenal job with was evaluating the situation calmly, bringing the ER doc in, and he was calm, and I think in the long run there, it eased the players.”

Burkholder refused to speculate about causes for the collapse.

"We won't speculate what happened to him, other than he had a seizure,” Burkholder said according to NFL reports. “It could be anything. We don't even want to speculate what might have happened.”

Although the cause has yet to be released to the public, Patterson’s agent issued a statement saying the DT was recovering nicely.

“Mike Patterson is alert, in no pain and doing well. He lost consciousness on the field for a brief period and the Eagles’ medical staff responded accordingly,” stated agent J.R. Rickert, according to ESPN. “We are very grateful for everyone’s prayers and support. Mike will be back at practice as soon as the doctors clear him."


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