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Interview with Salvatore Bono, Producer of 'The Five Day Crucifixion'

Interview with Salvatore Bono, Producer of 'The Five Day Crucifixion'

You may not have heard of Salvatore A. Bono yet, but chances are that you will. He is the author and driving force behind production of “The Five Day Crucifixion.” It is a story dear to Bono’s heart and one that he hopes will be in theaters by the end of this year.

The Christian Post spoke with Bono about his project in order to learn more about “Crucifixion” and its message. Bono served in the United States Air Force for six years before becoming a government contractor. He has worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East.

CP asked Bono what made him decide to focus on and produce “Crucifixion.” He replied, “It started as a novel, and I was trying to find a reputable literary agent. I was not having much success and went on vacation, where I discovered a different approach to publishing. A friend told me I should look into the movie-making process, which would allow me to make something happen.”

When asked what he thought of the film industry, Bono stated, “I am more in control of making things happen to myself. I’m making new contacts, pushing my product. It’s been a very educational experience.”

The plot of “Crucifixion” centers on the story of John Santo, who “meets Jesus Christ and is given a mission to seek out and save a fallen minister from Satan’s control. John’s life and death battles with Satan test the very core of his faith, and with the outcome of mankind’s spirituality at stake, and amid great personal loss, he eventually defeats the Devil with the help of his 9-year-old daughter.”

Bono told CP that he wrote John Santo as an “ordinary person” so people can relate to him. He receives a second chance, begins to endure second-guessing and doubt even though he’s met the Son of God.”

He explained that as an aspiring writer he drew upon personal experiences but was careful not to duplicate his own life. Bono also said that there is “a lot of takeaway value about real-life issues including family and abortion. The story of Christ provides the setting.”

Right now the film is in pre-production, and the teaser will be shot at the end of the month. From there, the movie will be solicited for funding, and Bono said that he was looking for reputable backers. He was clear that he did not want Hollywood to get its hands on the film because he was afraid the industry would distort its message. If all goes according to plan, the film will be in theaters by Sept. or Oct. of 2012.

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