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Josh and Anna Duggar Reveal Sex of New Baby

Josh and Anna Duggar Reveal Sex of New Baby

A screengrab from Josh and Anna Duggar's pregnancy announcement video. | (Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ file)

"19 Kids and Counting" star Josh Duggar and wife, Anna, recently announced the sex of their fourth child.

"Josh thought it was a boy, I thought it was a girl," Anna told People magazine. "Mackynzie wanted a girl, Michael wanted a boy," she said of the couple's two children, ages 5 and 3, respectively. Youngest son Marcus, 1, did not have a preference.

After biting into cupcakes as a family, the couple revealed that they are having a baby girl in July. It's a new experience for Josh and Anna, who grew up quite close to Josh's larger-than-life family in Arkansas. Now the family of four lives in Washington, D.C., where Josh works for the Family Research Council and Anna remains at home with the children.

"It's different being away from our family than during our other pregnancies," Josh explained. "We have to learn to be on our own up here, being so far away. We are close in our hearts and get to see our family often and we are glad about that."

Even though the smaller family is growing, Josh noted that there's a limit to how comfortably he and Anna can support their children. However, they've taken vows to accept any and all children God blesses them with.

"I've done the math," he said, "and there is no way we can have 20 kids that I can figure. But the main reason most people don't have a large family is because they feel the financial pressures. It's tough to have so many kids in today's world. Is there pressure? Sure, there is. But one of the biggest blessings is to have kids and teach them to serve God and others and be the best they can be. You can have a career and be famous and have lots of money, but that will fade. Children will be there."

"Some people think I'm not happy unless I'm pregnant," Anna added. "Marcus just celebrated his first birthday and I was thinking, 'My baby is growing up.' There is a desire to have more children, but also keep the balance of enjoying what God has given you and enjoy the children we have."


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