Thursday, March 08, 2012
Playboy Model Says Christian Faith Gave Her 'Firm Moral Standing'

Leola Bell, a Pastor's Daughter, Says Family Supports Her All the Way

Playboy Model Says Christian Faith Gave Her 'Firm Moral Standing'

Leola Bell, February Playmate for men's magazine Playboy who grew up in a very conservatively religious home as the daughter of a Seventh-day Adventist minister, tells the publication that she believes her Christian upbringing has given her a "firm moral standing" and that she has her family's support. 

The 27-year-old hails from Boynton Beach, Fla., and began her career as a Playmate by participating in Playmate Golf in Miami, an annual tournament in which aspiring Playmates stand at each hole to entertain the golfers. One woman is then chosen to visit the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, and Bell eventually was asked to be the publication's playmate of the month. 

Although Bell does not agree with the conservative nature of her upbringing, she does attribute her strong moral code to her Christian faith.

"Our church gave me a firm moral standing and a great respect for all people, but we weren't even allowed to wear tank tops because they showed too much skin," she said in an interview with "Nor could we wear makeup or nail polish. That drove me crazy."

As for posing nude, Bell told the Miami Herald, "I was not accustomed to it, but I always said that if I was going to pose nude, it was going to be for Playboy. After the first five minutes I was totally fine and everyone makes you feel so comfortable."

When asked by the Herald about her father's opinion of her career choice, Bell said, "Playboy's not for everyone, but I am his daughter and he loves me. Anything that makes me happy will make him happy." The Florida native told another publication that her family has been supportive of her work. "They want me to be happy and achieve my dreams most of all," she explained.

Bell has even tried her hand at "Tebowing," a praying stance made popular by Denver Broncos quarterback and Christian Tim Tebow. 

When a pop culture news source asked Bell what she thought of Tebow and his Christian beliefs, she replied, "I don't think anything negative about his beliefs. He is free to think what he wants."

Bell's photos were published in the February issue of Playboy, the cover of which featured actress Lindsay Lohan impersonating Marilyn Monroe.

The model believes that her career choice is beneficial to others, and that she is doing a good work by posing in the adult magazine because "Playmates make people happy."

The 27-year-old studied psychology at Florida Atlantic University before she became a bikini model, eventually deciding to pursue Playboy.


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