'Tea Party Zombies Must Die!' Video Game Just a Joke or Just Too Far?

If your political views don’t exactly align with the “Tea Party” and you also like to shoot zombies, then you might like the new video game, “Tea Party Zombies Must Die.”

A free game put online by Brooklyn-based StarvingEyes Advergaming, players start out by walking into a dark, dreary, apocalyptic-looking alley with posters saying “NO COMMIE SOCIALISM” and “OBAMACARE” over a Nazi symbol.

After you kill two zombies, you are awarded with a pistol and then gain entrance to other levels, including a similarly apocalyptic “Town Square” and Fox News headquarters to slay more political clichés in the form of walking zombies.

“Tea Party Zombies Must Die,” which has received bad reviews for its fun factor but high marks for its humor, allows players to slay a wide array of right-wing political clichés who roam Rupert Murdoch’s “lair.”

The cast of characters include the kind of people you might see described by extreme Tea Party haters such as, “Generic P****d Off White Guy Zombie,” and the “We Tricked the God People Into Believing In Tax Cuts for the Rich Zombie.”

The game also allows you to take out individual Fox News personalities such as the “Sean Hannity” and “Bill O’Reilly Zombies” or a more generic Fox News personality such as the “Factory Made Blonde Fox News Barbie Who Has Never Had a Problem In Her Life Zombie.”

And if you would rather leave the Fox News zombie staff alone and go after politicians, you have several to choose from, including the “Michele Bachman Zombie” and the “Rick Santorum Zombie.” You of course have the “Sarah Palin Zombie.”

The game proves to be quite difficult as progress is made through the levels; the Tea Party zombies increase. And instead of a simple “game over,” the screen says, “YOU GOT TEABAGGED!” and “P.S. You didn’t have health insurance, so you died…”

In a dig at Tea Party faithful the game adds: “P.P.S. There’s no such thing as God, so you died for eternity.”

The game is rife with political jokes that poke fun of the right while making the billionaire Koch brothers, largely considered the founders of the “Tea Party” movement, the biggest villains in the game (this reporter did not succeed in making it to the Koch Brothers level).

People will surely question if this game will be blamed for any political violence if it occurs, especially since Sarah Palin’s infamous “crosshairs” were criticized for advocating violence after Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford was shot earlier this year.

In the end, what might be the most interesting aspect of the game is that despite the heavy use of Tea Party clichés, there was no mention of NASCAR, which is often seen as the ultimate pastime of your typical Tea Party member.

Maybe that’s because StarvingEyes Advergaming counts NASCAR as a client? Which just goes to show: even in political satire video games, there are still politics involved.

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