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Tim Tebow Laughs About Being Called 'Ugly'

Tim Tebow Laughs About Being Called 'Ugly'

Now former New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow warms up before the start of their NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville, Florida December 9, 2012. | (Photo : REUTERS/Daron Dean)

Tim Tebow is laughing off being called "ugly."

Tebow, the 27-year-old Evangelical Christian football star turned SEC college football analyst, was named one of 2014's Sexiest Men Alive by People magazine. However, he was forced to face some criticism about the claim on a recent episode of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrity Mean Tweets segment.

Tebow was forced to read a mean tweet about himself that read, "Tim Tebow is not cute, sexy, or hot. He ugly. Sorry bout it."

However, the former NFL player and college football star seemed unfazed by the statement. Instead, he laughed it off. The athlete has made work with his Tim Tebow foundation a priority which builds children's hospitals all over the world, granted sick children's wishes and works to aid in the process of adoption.

Instead of his outward appearance, Tebow previously spoke about wanting people to focus on the humanitarian legacy he is working to build.

"I hope that when I'm 90 years old, I've accomplished a legacy that isn't all about me. I hope it's a legacy about the people who our foundation helps," Tebow told People last year. "We're about to open a hospital in the Philippines.We'll have this hospital where we can help kids who are hurting; healing them physically but encouraging them emotionally and spiritually as well."

He added, "we can make a difference in their lives."

Still, Tebow was questioned about finding a wife one day after years of telling the public that he is a single man. However, he is looking for more than a pretty face.

"Of course it's important to be attracted to someone, but it really needs to be about who they are on the inside. I've always been attracted to girls whose hearts are the biggest thing about them," he previously told People. "People can be very sweet and kind to others who can do a lot for them. I want to find a girl who will be the same person to those who can't do anything for her in return."


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